Scorpio Monthly Forecast

OCT 23-NOV 21

January is offering you an opportunity to gain clarity about a problematic situation. It’s important for you to use your voice now Scorpio. You are going to feel it. Express your preferences without manipulation. Conflicts will be resolved if you are true to your heart. Relationships are touchy but keep at it. Work is soaring and this means home life might feel a little wobbly. Be true to your mission and success is assured. You’ve really mastered work and it feels good to be rewarded now. Share some of the joys of this success with those wobbly relationships and you may just have the key to winning the month! Oh and please say yes to all travel, especially for work, this month—only good things come from being on the road!


In terms of finance, you are likely to come by some lucrative opportunities. Be very careful as you may land yourself in a tricky situation at work.


Your love life will be enthusiastic this month but you and your partner will be able to know and understand each other’s wishes. Your relationship will flourish this month, especially in the second half of the month.


This month your decisions related to your career will flicker a lot but you will have to focus on one thing. You will jump to one aim in the later half of the month and this will make your life worth living. This month every day you will be offered challenges by your superiors but that will make you do things with utmost energy and this will eradicate your laziness.


You’ll have a blast of energy to apply to just about anything you want to get ahead on. A great month for you in terms of health.

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