Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

September 2020 will be full of positive news. It may lead to new revelations related to work and family. You may be in position to clear misunderstandings with your subordinates and earn some enemies. Time to practice patience and choose words wisely. Pay close attention to physical and mental well being.


You will be able to meet the usual expenditure comfortably, but it would be fruitful to exercise control over the spending. Be ready to make necessary alterations in the usual patterns. You may revise your investments and make necessary amendments after Covid-19. There is a chance of spending amount on shopping, hence be aware


You may face some conflicts in your married life and may face some challenges in relationship with your spouse. You might not be very happy with the situations but eventually things will fall into place. There is a scope of making new contacts and new relationships, and you should embrace them but with necessary safety measures against Covid-19.


There is a scope of new experiences and learning in offices. Growth will be tremendous, continuous efforts and determination will prove to be fruitful. Trade agreements might not bring expected results. There is a scope of many new opportunities, a wise choice would turn out to be fruitful. You will have support from your colleagues.


Do not forget exercise and healthy diet regime. If you been putting away the health issues, this would be the right time you prioritize them. You may face minor ailments, but proper care and medications would make you fit and fine. Take measures to boost your immunity.

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