Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

Come out of that dreary cloud Sagittarius. It seems you’ve been wavering between self-reflection and disillusionment. Stand up and shake it off. Now is the time to open your eyes and see the possibility around your situation. And part of that possibility feels like looking right under your nose at your own family. Call your Dad today. If you’re a Dad, go be with your kids. How lucky are you to have ones you love!? Also, I get a clear signal to have you give some extra focus to your health this month. Schedule that check-up or just give some extra loving care to your body and diet now.


This month you can sell some of your properties that are not in regular use and through that, you can get huge investment money that you can use as capital in your business. Business-related publications and medicines will get a great boost this month. Also, avoid the share market in the second and third week of the month.


Your love life will be good this month, however, many people will envy you and your partner as your bond is stronger than theirs. That is why you and your partner should wear a black thread on your wrist to stay protected from the negativities people send to worse you.


This month you will have to suffer a lot in terms of you career. There will be many paths in front of you but you will not be able to take the decision which one to take. You will come out of this dilemma after the first fifteen days. Change decision and planning will amend the course of your profession the second half of the month.


You might be more inclined to work out on your own, spend solo time revising your game plan for tackling an ongoing health concern. This month is for healing from all the mental and physical injuries.

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