Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

The planetary motions indicate the wonderful opportunity to launch a new business. For the professionals and businessmen, you can expect a hike in salary and turn over. You may undertake some risks in the market. Finances will be stable throughout but there are chances for a big profit.


Profits can be expected by the middle of July. You should not trust anyone for lending money as it may lead to fraud. Overall the finances are stable and are only expected to rise.


Your love life will remain on track with minor ups and down. You may experience minor arguments but it will only strengthen your bond.


You may launch a business as it is a perfect time to take market risks. For professionals, you may get a salary hike and the turnover of companies will increase significantly.


Minor stomach infections could turn up because of the changing weather. If you have allergies you must take a doctor’s consultation for any problem that comes up.

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