Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

January 2021 will feel like a roller coaster ride. A lot of stress and challenges will come your way but if you stay calm and motivated you will be able to get through this month. This month will also teach you how to make your way through tough situations and that it is important to stay firm and rigid sometimes. But for other times you also have to accept the things you can’t change. Take a break so that your productivity is not hampered.


This month needs all your dedication and hard work. If you work with more efficiency then you can earn a little extra cash which can be used for your future needs and expenses. You will also be able to save some extra cash this month. Be open to all kinds of endeavors and grab every profitable venture.


This will be a fun-filled month in terms of your love life. If you are single then there is a possibility that you might get close to someone you never expected. Since age is just a number you can experiment with a  new type of romance this month. If you are committed then chances are that you will be pressured to get married. Convey your problems if you are not ready. To strengthen the bond and reignite the chemistry you can plan a romantic evening with your partner. 


It might be a rough month for some people. With the start of the new year, new targets would be set by your boss. So in this time of a pandemic, it will become necessary for everyone to work twice as hard to improve the profits. Push your limits and work with full dedication. This month might require you to do some extra work. Do what your superiors tell and you will overcome many obstacles. 


This will be a good month for you. Though your health chart is on the bright side throughout the month, if you get any minor infections just visit a doctor. You have to start your exercise and include a healthy diet in your daily routine. It will help you stay fit and more focused on your work.

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