Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

This would be a challenging month for you as pressures could build up from different sources. You will be caught up with so many thoughts thereby making confusion all around. You might also feel short tempered and angry which could negatively influence your health as well as relations with people around you.

Despite of all these pressures you will find happiness in love, movies etc. Your mental makeup would start changing from 23rd of March. There would be a lot of confusion & lack of consistency due to which you might wish to change your plans. You need to find ways of controlling your actions because this is going to be a long phase of about 18 months.


You will find challenges relating to finances hence, I would suggest to avoid real estate investments.


Love life will be contended and there would be good opportunity of socializing with friends as well as finding some good outings. Beyond 22nd March, there would be a jump in your perceived sex appeal. If in search of love, then don’t worry this would be a great time. Also marriage matters will be good till 15th of March.


Work life will be good as you will be able to connect well with people in the team. Try to be non-controversial as possible. Work environment would turn dynamic & positive after 22nd of March.


Be very careful about infections & blood related disorders due to which  your over all health could be poor and stressful.

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