Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

January is the month for you, because you start the year afresh after celebrating your birthday. Sun will bless you till the 21st. Don’t hold yourself from pursuing your passions. Charming as you are you will revolutionize socializing in your peer group. You will be active and take the initiative whenever it comes to organizing a party or get together event. You will make a statement by taking the lead in some form of activism. Your family and friends will be your cheerleaders throughout.


Spend wisely, your previous savings will be used this month. Listen to your instincts and invest only after thoroughly researching.


Your love life will surprise you as your partner will be extremely empathetic and show immense support towards your passions. People pursuing their love interest will be successful.


This is a perfect time for people who are looking for a shift in their career. Students are advised to stay focused and refrain from peer pressure.


Keep your blood pressure in check. Hydrate yourself and practice meditation. You may observe skin related problems this month.

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