Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

You are a truly compassionate person and will definitely reap the fruits of kindness this month. You might get surprised by an act of kindness by someone younger than you. Children will bring joy to you this month and you will enjoy your time with family and friends. You will witness a family gathering or a get together with friends that will compensate for all the stress you have been carrying from the previous month. Someone will come to you for emotional support and you being a Piscean; will exactly know how to deal with it.


A huge chunk of your finances will be spent on others rather than yourself. Keep a track of such expenses and start saving for the future.


Your partner will be very supportive of you this month. You can trust your partner by telling them your secrets in the middle of this month as they are likely to be patient and understanding during this time.


You will have a smooth work life this month. Your seniors will be impressed with your skills and may give you more responsibilities.


Do not indulge in fattening or rich foods. Keep your diet light throughout this month.

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