Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

You’ve come a long way from the previous year. You progress is commendable. Although you have taken baby steps until now, it still is pretty noticeable. People you wish well for you are likely to be very proud of your little achievements. Keep your close family members, especially elderly people (who are more experienced than you) close to you for constructive advice. Utilize your full potential and do not compromise on hard work. There will be a few sharp changes that you will observe this month but you being you will adjust to them very well.


Financially you’ll be tight this month. You’ll spend more on others rather than yourself this month. Someone will try to take advantage of your generous nature so keep an eye on where are you spending.


You will be immensely supported by your partner. You value them a lot. Keep being the way you are and do not let unimportant people influence your relationship with your partner. The end of this month is a great time for people looking for a partner.


This is a great time for you to transition from one career path to another. In case you are already in a career of your choice, you are likely to get a promotion or will be burdened with some extra responsibility this month.


You are advised to drive carefully this month. Refrain from eating rich and sugary foods.

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