Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

This month you may ask yourself a serious question. Do you have the strength to say no to someone important, even though in this particular situation a yes answer could prevent hostility or animosity? If you tap into your creativity, it could be that you come up with a new and creative viewpoint that satisfies both of you.


You may have a petulant streak when a partner is negligent about money, but try to contain your irritation.


You will get what you want by using rational thought, so don’t follow your emotions or let others question your actions right now.


A true leader asks about that which he doesn’t understand. This month finds you more vulnerable to flattery than you like to admit and possibly you should avoid asking the right questions.


You are healthy in body but your mind is cluttered with troubling thoughts, incorporate meditation or relaxing activities in your routine.

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