Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

Pisces, you have some intense visions for the future this month. Please pay attention as this is part of your gift for all of us. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, or a channel through your life work, we want you to show us what you are feeling. It feels really important that I tell you no matter how savvy and helpful your mentors are, you may need to agree to disagree this month. Trust your gut.


It would be wise to keep a watch on your expenditure. You are likely to face delays in payments. Also, steer clear from lending money during this phase.


This month go out with your partner to some religious place so that it can strengthen your bond. If there are any conflicts between you and your partner then it will only get resolved by your mutual understanding and your relationship will become better because of your parents this month.


You might get sudden helping hand from your business partner and financial gain from your previous plan.


There can be some indigestion problem, which can also create complications for you.

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