Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

July brings to you a heart-opening connection between you and someone close. Creativity in the things you love will increase that would lead you to peace in work. Following your passion will lead you to your purpose and internal satisfaction. Someone is expected to enter your life very soon. It may be news of a baby or someone you love. You may get options to choose your life partners.


Finances will remain constant throughout the month. No unexpected expenditures are likely to rise and no signs of losses in business could be seen. It would be a no-profit and no loss situation for investments.


You may get a heart-opening connection with someone close. Strong likelihood of you having more than one person to choose from. It doesn’t suggest a love triangle per se, but it does suggest options. If you’re in a relationship, there could be baby news coming your way.


When you follow your passion, it leads to your purpose. Creative endeavors are expected to come up in the coming days. Your creative interests will provide you internal satisfaction and joy.


With a great amount of positive energy around you will find yourself in good mental and physical health. You only need to focus on utilizing the energy to your advantage.

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