Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

July is full of joy for Libra. You will feel happy and relieved from the stress of past responsibilities. This month will bring the reward of all the efforts made in the past. Everything that was stuck for a long time will reach the climax. Minor health issues are expected to turn up. The expenses may need to be cut short to deal with the financial drop.


A financial drop may occur due to unnecessary expenses by the middle of July. As a precaution, savings should be started from the beginning itself and any unnecessary expenditures should be avoided. Overall you may experience some shortage of finance.


July being a pleasant month always brings love with it. You can expect an increase in love from a partner. You and your partner may take an educational or spiritual trip together.


Career growth may get affected by the negativity that is surrounding you. You need to identify this negativity and try to avoid it. Being in a positive environment can boost up things for you and you may get some significant opportunities.


Health will mostly stay good but still, you must exercise precautions to prevent unexpected illness or bad health.

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