Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

Drowning in your inner issues you had in March; in April, you will now see an elevated peace in yourself. After 7th of April; Family, friends and relatives will play an important role to help you absorb the mental stability despite the fact that negativity will be still there in the environment to distract you.

The planetary motions are changing, resulting in hike of your career opportunities. Between 14th to 27th April, stay focused and connected with sources which you felt were of no use. High expectation will lead you to great sources; uttermost focus should be to get the most out of you. Big plans are waiting for you after 2nd April and will be one of the key factors to drive your month. Being a libran, you always knew how to manage yourself and the work environment.


Emotions will lead you to trust someone who will borrow money from you. Do not plunge in trusting everyone easily. Professionals working in corporate world will feel the leads of getting a promotion. April will give you enough satisfaction financially. If you are planning to buy a new house, car or any asset, April will be the month to go for it.


Love life will be great; your loved ones will be there by your side and will help you gain the confidence and strength to succeed. Some negativity will hamper your sense of judgment and may lead in questioning the authenticity of your partner, you will have to let the mistakes of your partner go and accept them with full love that you have in your heart.


Career has always been your distressing angle; worries had led many opportunities to bypass you. You have got to be strong enough to accept the consequences of the risk that may befall. For those who have been planning to change their job, wait till 02nd April and then go for it.


Till 13th of April, you will experience flush of unhealthy state of mind. Change in planetary motion after 13th of April will shower mental peace to you. Try relaxing yourself, go for long ride and remove the stress.

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