Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

Oh Libra, this moon is bringing up emotions for you, but you have a magical way of processing this month. For many of you this awakening will come to via a person, a divine angel sent to bring you into a higher level of being. Could this be a child? Ahhh. Or perhaps the simple passenger on the plane next to you who opens you up to a new way of seeing yourself in the world! For others, this could be a very important partnership or friend who is going to change your life for the better. Do not go hermit yourself all month Libra. Let yourself be charged by people. Oh also, home base is coming up as important for you—spend some time on your house now. And invite others to join you there!


As for your finances, it would help to seek the advice of an expert before making a significant investment.


This month don’t make any proposals because they will really not go well. However, this month you can establish a good connection with your friend. Terre are also chances that someone from your friend is in love with you but is afraid to confess. Make sure you make them comfortable around you to take a step forward.


Something good is going to happen this month and you will get big breaks. Keep hope from this new marshal. Also, you relationship with your colleagues will improve and this will make it easier for you to go ahead. Also, your consistent and persistent efforts will help you to get your hands over new projects this month.


You might be frustrated if it feels like you’ve been sticking to your workouts or healthy eating habits for so long that you’re beyond bored. It feels like time to shake up your approach and to lean into bold experimentation. As long as you feel like a new class or meal planning app will open your eyes and offer you knowledge, you’ll be right on track.

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