Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

You have made immense progress from the beginning of October and it will continue to grow in November. Keep your loved ones close to you during this transitioning period, especially elderly people who are more experienced in life than you. There is a hike in your career due to change in planets. Do not compromise with hard work as utilising your full potential is bound to give you what you desire in November. You will face a few major changes in your life by the end of November but being a Libran, you will be well adjusted to these changes and come out stronger than before.


Finances will be a little tight for you this month. You will be spending money on others this month rather than on yourself. Learn to say no as someone might take advantage of your generous nature during the mid of November.


You will receive immense support from your partner and loved ones. You know how to value them, please keep it that way and do not let unimportant people influence you to doubt your partner. If you are in search for a partner then the end of this month is a great time to do so.


This is the perfect time for you to transition from one vocation to the other. If you are into a vocation of your choice, then you are likely to get a promotion or be burdened by some kind of responsibility.


Your loved ones will help you keep your mental health in place. You are advised to not go out late at night. Drive carefully this month.

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