Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

You are extremely talented at what you do and a total people’s person. Everyone around you flocks to you for help and you never fail to disappoint them. Same is going to happen this month, you will make many new friends because of your charming personality. A lot of your friendships tend to fizzle out in the long run though. This is because you tend to focus more on quantity over quality. Take some time out for yourself this month and unwind alone. Go for a solo travel or only with people who are constantly close to you. This month will be the one where you truly discover yourself.


Spend on traveling and practicing self love. It will be a huge investment to invest on yourself, for example on a gym membership or dance lessons.


You are likely to experience a heartbreak but don’t worry, it will only teach you something and you will take no time to heal from it. People looking for a partner this month are advised to not rush into a commitment just for the sake or a relationship.


You’re most likely to be the favorite employee at work. Sheer hard work and patience will get you to where you aim to be. Maintain a good relationship with your juniors.


Engage in outdoor activities as you are likely to become lazy this month. Stay away from cold beverages and food as cold and lung infections may be in line for you during this month.

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