Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

This month would be a challenging one for you as there could be many issues that might come up. Other than the challenges, the bigger issue could be negativity that could be more difficult to handle. It would be beneficial for you to dispel those negative thoughts and if you are able to do this then it could help you in crossing issues successfully.

This month you will also enjoy your social life much better along with good get together with your friends. 22nd   of March onwards you will be able to control in all you do. Due to your ego conflicts could go up between partners.


Finances would be good throughout the month. Avoid speculation & equity investments.


Love life will be challenging because you could be under work pressure as well as suffer lack of communication with your partner. Ego could also open up after 22nd that could bring more challenges into your love life. The real success mantra would be to keep trust and faith on yourself as well as on your partner.


You will experience competition and minor health problems till 22nd of March. Improvements would come after 22nd of March.


There might be a dip in your immune system after 15th .  Positive thinking would be the success mantra.

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