Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

This will be a positive month for you where events would be favorable and things would fall in place. Due to your hard work and positive attitude, there would be enough growth in your office. Your hard work, dynamism and efficiency in everything would lead to success.

You would see a change after 5th of April. But after this,  you will find some fluctuation in money matters. You will be having sufficient funds but your decision of funds allotment could be incorrect leading to a lot of mistakes. April 23rd onwards, you will find happiness and satisfaction relating to your home, comforts, food and other physical pleasures.


Finances would be very good. There would be gains and growth financially. 10th April onwards there might be some financial problems but you will not experience any such major challenge. Postpone all ideas of new investments for at least a month.


In the starting days of this month, your love life would be disconnected and poor. But, after 20th of April, things will change and love life would pick up tremendously. Period close to the end of the month would be interesting, if you are searching for a good life partner.


New projects would open up & you will gain a good amount of growth in your work.


Your health would be quite good this month. Deep thinking & worry could effect digestion somewhat this month & you should try and relax more.

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