Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

The month of July will bring happiness and joy to your life. The energy levels will rise and bring pace to your life. Everything will speed up and all the incomplete endeavors would reach the climax. Financial stability will be maintained throughout the month. This is a good time to drop down the conflicts in your life and start something fresh.


Financially it is a stable month. No significant growth or drop is expected this month. The past savings will come handy but avoid unnecessary expenditures. The investments made so far will turn out to be a little profitable but patience is the key to profit.


The love life for Leo is also expected to go on a smooth track. Everything will go in the right direction. The key to success is perseverance.


You may face some confusion in making good decisions related to the choice of career. Many opportunities will come your way, be focussed. No opportunity should be underrated and left behind as it may turn out to be the chance of a jackpot.


The health in July will mostly be stable but if you have some allergy and breathing problems you should consult a doctor immediately for a solution.

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