Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

You will see yourself at a place where you have to take charge of situations that are literally falling apart. You are a born leader and will never disappoint the people around you. A child or anyone younger than you will come to you for emotional, financial or mental support. You will fulfill their need for a mentor this month. Do not hold back from expressing your emotions to someone who has been troubling you. Cut ties with people who are spewing toxicity in your life. Great things are in store for you this month if you are willing to take things in your own hands and kick negativity out of your life.


You’re generous and you know it, but be careful with lending money to unreliable people. Save for rainy days and invest in gold.


You are in the most content stage of your relationship. It may feel like the honeymoon phase of it is fading. Develop hobbies and travel together with your partner to spice things up. People looking for a lover will be surprised by someone unexpectedly expressing their feelings to them.


You will be given a lot of responsibility that you will happily accept at work. People will be in awe of how you lead and complete all the tasks given to you. However be careful and avoid conflict with higher authority.


Keep a check in your eating habits. Avoid smoking or drinking this month. Do not make impulsive plans to travel.

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