Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

Leo, this month is forcing you to become aware of your impact on others and learning what you will do with that power. Also respecting another’s vulnerability and staying within boundaries dictated by loving consideration. Your charm can be powerful but also distracting. This can feel frustrating within infatuation and intoxicating when balanced. January is about feeling some of those extremes from all sides. In your working life, there is a shift into extreme focus, new learning and exciting opportunities! The best way through some of the emotions of the month are to discover a new you in your career!


It is possible that you will need to borrow money and somehow get out of some situation. However, if you apply an exclusively practical approach to the financial sector, based on the current situation, you will be able to overcome everything this month.


If someone in your inner circle tells you something that goes hand in hand with your romantic expectation accept the proposal. People already in a relationship must avoid disclosing it to your family this month as your terms with your family will be negatively affected.


Any decision and moves you make this month as far as your career is concerned, you need to be a very well thought trough an accurate. Don’t rush things. Otherwise, your actions will give rise to ensure mountable problems down the line which will directly involve your colleagues.


This month your health and wellness will be good but, have a proper balanced diet for maintaining it forever.

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