Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

January 2021 will be a confusing month. A lot of things will happen this month and it will become hard for you to understand them but do not worry everything will slowly fall into their place. Stay focused and strong and you will easily get through this month. This month you will prove your worth if you work hard. Keep a proper check on your health this month. Investment into new ventures should be a well-thought decision. Also this month your charming personality will prove to be beneficial.


Not a favorable month in terms of money related matters. Any kind of investment into new ventures might not be beneficial. Share markets should be avoided if you do not want to face any losses. However, real estate looks good for you. Any kind of losses can be met by taking loans so do not worry coming months will help you fulfill the shortage of cash you face this month. 


If you are not ready to get married right now then this is not a good month for you to introduce your relationship to your family. Also, remember doing things under pressure will only end up in a dispute with your partner so convey all your problems beforehand. Proper communication will help you improve the understanding between you and your partner. 


There are no shortcuts in the path of success, only hard work and dedication will help you rise higher. This month might feel a little exhausting but do not feel demotivated. If you want better results then try to think out of the box and think of some innovative ideas to get your work done. By the end of the month, you will see some positive results.  


Keep your health as your priority this month. No such major problems are seen this month but all infections should be properly monitored. A healthy diet with proper nutrients will help you cut off the extra fat. You can also include some exercise to stay fit. Elderly people will be a little relieved this month but on the contrary mothers and children will have to stay a little cautious.

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