Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

Your positive attitude will take you to places. As you are good at taking control of things, you will find people pointing fingers at you for something that you have not even done. Do not let this get to you and proceed with whatever plans you have made for yourself. Make time for your loved ones this month as this month will be very hectic for you. Overall, you will have a very satisfying end to November because you will get many tasks done.


Money will just be enough to fulfill your basic requirements. Avoid unnecessary expenditure.


You will start to notice that there is some impatience to take the next step in your relationship. Keep it slow and think twice before taking any step. It is a favorable time for you to look for a partner this November.


You will be really busy and might have to cover up for other people’s mistakes in the work front.


You will face a little stress due to multitasking this month. Be careful around water.

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