Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

April 2021 is going to be a month of odd and even for you. Certain things would fall in the right place while others will be out of your control. Specifically, your health and monetary stability will be the reason for distress. No matter how hard you try to overcome the financial crisis this month, you would fall short every time. Also, your previous loans will be a burden to deal with. Your health will also suffer. Problems regarding gastric and stomach would perplex you this month. Headache and mild fever also you might experience. Unfortunately, nothing can suffice the problem until the period is not over. Well, your love life will be amazing. Your partner will be your constant support. By the end of the month, things will mitigate to have some conducive results.


As we have mentioned earlier, things would go wrong in this month for you. In every aspect of money, you would get disappointment. Your previous loans will be there to reimburse and in the scarcity of money, you won’t get able to meet your commitments. Things would get worst in the mid of the month. You need to get prepared for it.


Your love life is the only persistent thing to give you great results in this month. The constant support from your partner will help you to overcome the ordeals on your way. Single people will also have their share of love this month. People celebrating the anniversary will cherish their unbreakable bond this month. Overall a great month as far as love is concerned.


As far as career is concerned, this month will give you mediocre results. There would be recruitments for you but most of them would go futile. Also, your concentration towards the goal will be disturbed. You would experience limited results this month. But you should not stop trying. Hard work always pays off. You should keep trying until the goal is not achieved.


Not a reasonable month for you. You might experience a stomach problem in the mid of the month. At the same time, you might suffer a mild fever, nausea, and weakness too. Better if you go to doctors when things start happening! Better you follow a healthy diet and at the same time, you should practice yoga, have plenty of water and meditation. Make sure you do not stretch yourself too much. This would cause you severe health issues.

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