Gemini Monthly Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20

A shocking new opportunity comes to you this month, which will most likely be in a field you’d never pictured yourself in. Your mission is to keep your eyes open and be sure not to miss it. Oh, and don’t be put off if this offer comes along under odd or unusual circumstances. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Enjoy this inspirational new experience.


As long as you set a clear goal and map out all of the steps to take along the way, you should have no problem in maintaining your finance.


You know exactly what’s required of you, both by your conscience and by the trust that your partner has placed in you. Don’t destroy that trust, no matter how tough it is to do the right thing.


Your mission on the job will be to give it your all – to do whatever it takes to show your superiors that you can be creative, passionate, and firm.


Your health is trying to improve, spend some time with family, sharing your happiness with them.

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