Gemini Monthly Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20

You will see mixed trends in this month as there would be positive as well as negative trends. There would be a great amount of progress in creative work. Despite of positive trends you will see fluctuations and lack of clarity in your thinking between 5th & 26th of March.

As you go forward, you will observe many developments this month. There would be a shift in your thinking and many new events could take place but at the same time insecurity and fear could strike you unreasonably. But, don’t you worry about it instead go on without fear in life as no real issue would take place.

Further 22nd March onwards, your love life would improve and there would be happiness & bliss in your relationship with your partner. But, make sure you avoid your expenses as financial pressures would seem to mount.


You will experience financial gains till 15th of March. Avoid unreasonable financial expectations after 16th of March. Losses could occur after 22nd of March.


Love life will be average in the starting but pick up tremendously after 22nd of March.


It would be a powerful month for you because your creative and artistic thinking would work better at work.


Health will be good mostly.  Still, be cautious.

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