Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

Capricorn, you can expect good results this month but there still won’t be a relief from the continuous work. You might want to give up under pressure situations and feel deprived of the love and care you desire. You may also face anxiety and stress that may lead to anger issues. Do not let your anger govern you as it may lead to emotional and financial loss. The month of September may ring bells of financial hike for you.


The financial hike can be expected by the end of the month. You must also keep an eye on your savings as you might need them in future. Avoid unnecessary expenses.


You may face some issues in your love life. You may indulge in some arguments with your loved ones. You’ll also get support whenever you may need it.


You may also face some issues in your work because of anger and anxiety. Avoid conflicts at your work and get involved in group activities.


Health will stay good overall but you might face minor issues like cold and fever. Avoid unhealthy food.

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