Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

March will be an interesting and extremely busy month for you. Tremendous gains and rapid progress at work is for sure. Despite of all the progress, there would be an undercurrent of low feeling. This feeling would be there for sometime but it might get accentuated.

Home environment would be somewhat stressed due to unnecessary fights of the family members. Thing will improve after 22nd of March. You will shine with good looks and come across as a very attractive person. People will get attracted to you more easily. There might come an opportunity of travelling 15th of March.

You need to be very careful between 5th & 15th March as you could end up writing or speaking something that might be the reason for some unwanted hassles for you in the mere future. During this period, you will spoil your relations at work, in your family and so on. Obviously, improvement will come but after 15th of March, so be careful till then. 22nd March onwards things will improve and you will find ease at home with new daring ideas.


Finances  would be a bit muddled up after 5th of March. Funds that are stuck from very long time could come back to you. New investments should be strictly avoided as there might be chances of making crucial mistakes.


This month will be quite interesting for you in terms of your love life. Love will be in the air and it would be your high priority. Also. There might be a possibility of building new relationships because you will be able to get attracted by others easily. This month would be good for making decisions pertaining to marriage.


You need to be highly focused at work. In professional matters, this month would be very busy till 22nd of March. Thereafter, the pressure will go down and also you will have financial gains.


Your health will be better and energy & stamina could jump up after 15th of March. Worry & stress could be the main cause of your bad health.

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