Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

This month will be a little slow in the beginning but you will catch up soon. Have confidence in yourself and keep working hard towards what you desire. Do not let your fears overpower you. You might face challenges this month on a career front but they will only teach you great life lessons. Travelling to unwind and declutter your brain from negative thoughts is advised.


Think thoroughly before investing anywhere. Do not invest in share market or any risk based ventures. Be well versed with the business you are planning to invest in, before taking any major step to do so


Be ready to be swoon over by someone unexpectedly. If looking for a partner, then November is the right month for you.


Be calculative of any steps that you take, each action of yours will pay you back according to the efforts you have put in your work.


You are advised to stay away from fire this month. Practice Yoga and meditation to keep your cool during the time of stress.

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