Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

Balancing emotions can sometimes be a tricky business. Within the angry outburst, vulnerability is at work to enable a brave face, when your real feelings are in turmoil. This month all the proper ingredients are blended to mix the proper brew. It’s about balance and then the blending in of just the right amount of compassion.


For a brief moment, the window of opportunity is provided. During that brief second, you can miraculously see what type of gains you can expect in the current situation.


A project that would lend itself to assuming the kind heart of your partner and you volunteer your services to increase your closeness to them.


An answer to the dilemma is considered this month, related to your business. It is a serious reflection on you, so do it with your full attention.


Try to maintain some distance from others as their negativity can affect you this month. Meditation and keeping calm would be the best approach.

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