Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

January is slicing through all those negative demons that have been overwhelming your mind, Capricorn. Rest assured this cannot and will not go on much longer. And it is crucial that you refocus your thoughts. That fail was supposed to be a fail. That struggle was for good reason. That pain was not for nothing. Stop avoiding a matter that can be cleared with a few insightful words. Focus all that mental power on merging with your heart! Use that intelligence of yours to consciously pursue some genuinely fulfilling goals. Yes, you will make money but let go of the emphasis on finances and refocus on passions. You want money? No. You are money!


This month all your business related work will be assisting you in expanding your business. This is the month when you can invest in the share market and that can get you higher returns later. But don’t be very greedy as that can also be one of the factors of your declining business.


This month you and your partner will go through lots of ups and downs. You might fight with your partner but only that will make your bond stronger. Stay physically more attracted to your partner.


This month you will be getting more attracted to the digital marketing and import-export experiences. People looking for jobs must try to identify their passion and convert it into a profession.


You might get some problems related to headache and cold, consult a doctor ASAP don’t take it for granted.

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