Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

Your life will take a complete turn during January. It can be on a work, family or financial front. Embrace the change with open hands and do not look back. You are advised to take care of the elderly in your family. Stay connected to your roots and be humble. Stress and home sickness (if you live away from home) will keep you bothered. Visit family and friends to overcome this. You will observe happiness within your well wishers by the end of this month.


Refrain from spending on meaningless commodities. Keep a check on your investments as you are likely to incur some losses. You are advised to donate for a charitable cause.


Your partner will test your patience this month. Do not give up on your relationship easily. Maintain a good relationship with your partner’s family for your own peace of mind. If looking for a life partner, this is a favorable time for you to do so.


Sheer hard work and patience with give you what you desire. Keep working on the same ventures you are engaged in. A shift in career is not advisable this month.


There aren’t any major health related problems for you this month. Keep an eye on what you eat and keep yourself hydrated.

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