Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

March would be a great month for you and you will find yourself in control with new ideas. You will feel authoritative and decisive and sometimes you will feel over confidence that might end up with wrong decisions in financial matters. These wrong decisions could have a long term negative impact on your money.

There will be quite a number of stages with so many changes, first change would be worry, anxiousness and fear due to which you will feel stressed till 15th of March. Further 15th March onward, things will improve.

Relationships would see a revival after 22nd of March. Even income and gains would rise tremendously after 22nd of March.


Financial matters could be a bit subdued till 15th& then take off tremendously. Overall your income and gains would be very positive.


Due to ego and work preoccupations, your love life would not go smoothly. You will see Improvements after 22nd of March.


If you are planning to take new initiatives at work then, March would be a great month to make progress.


Immunity & energy levels could be down this month till 15th, later on it would be satisfactory.

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