Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

It ain’t what you do—it’s the way that you do it! That’s right cancer, you are being forced to surrender this month so you can feel into the way you are going to do it! You are in a limbo as we strip away what no longer serves you so you have a different outlook on the world. Bravely pass through this theatrical phase preparing you for quite the 2022. A vision quest seems like a great plan to help you call in some big changes for the year. What kind of relationship do you want? How do you want your romantic partnership to feel moving forward? What boundaries do you need to set to help your professional life expand?


Do not put all your money in a single business and try to broaden your business scope this month. If you do foreign related business, then planets will help you to get good deals and bring you money. Be careful before making risky deals in the third and second week of this month. Avoid making announcement about your business in the first week.


You tend to ignore your love life and your partner as you devote more and more time to your career. Your partner has a good level of understanding, but now he or she may be showing signs of impatience therefore be careful this month. Plan every weekend with something different and make sure they feel special.


Jupiter is the lord of career house and will be positioned in the house of gains or income and this will bring you good results in your career with your hard work this month. People having their jobs in the manufacturing sector can expect an appraisal or promotion to a higher post.


You might feel an almost desperate need to take a time-out from your usual, high-energy workout plan to rest and reflect. Even the most basic self-care activities, like bailing on that party so you can get more sleep or making sure you’re hydrating enough throughout the day, can keep you feeling balanced emotionally and physically.

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