Aries Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

Get ready for an interruption, Aries. This interruption is going to help you with any questioning you’ve been feeling. It’s time to clear some things up. Detach is my advice. Step back. Wait for what is going to happen. This delay is bringing a better solution. Don’t let your mind run around in circles in confusion. NO! Just trust what’s happening. If you can, you might even try to look at the whole interruption with curious eyes. What does this mean? Where is this taking me now? If it feels too dismal to go there, call a friend to help you unpack your situation or just distract your mind. PS This interruption is all part of the master plan that is setting you up for an important life phase!


In the first week of this month, you will be hit by a taxation issue which you must look into. About your profits, this month will be balanced. If you are into gold or silver business, you might face some losses in the last week of this month.


This month, your partner will be glad to be part of your professional and social circle. They will understand your thoughts in better ways. People who are single will stop looking for temporary connections.


This month you will outsmart your cutthroat competitors. You will not be in a mood to give up. In the third week, one unavoidable event will keep you occupied and you will not be able to focus much on your work but things will get better by the end of the month.


Give yourself a break mentally and do exercises and yoga for a good body and fitness. A month of healing for you.

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