Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

You need an escape from reality. Perhaps the vision of a partner or a current attraction is flawed, or possibly you already knew about the flaws and have been ignoring them. This month you find that this split is too deep to disregard and a time-out is called for.


Although at times your mentor/boss is misunderstood, because of distancing himself from the everyday concerns, his intuition is sharply honed and you can learn a lot being near him.


This month you take a much-needed walk down memory lane and mend the broken ties between you and an old friend.


You may find that if you are not presenting your authentic self, or that your exterior is a costume for the world, some part of that world may come tumbling down.


You will find yourself in good health and to maintain it, try to incorporate little things in your routine that brings a positive response in your life.

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