Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

A lot of promises has made to you lately but most of them are still just promises. Aquarius, July is the month that will turn those promises to reality for you. You will receive surprises even from the people you least expected. This will bring a lot of closeness in terms of personal as well as professional life. Stay cautious of the words and promises you do in return because too much joy is toxic.


Although you are recently finding ways to earn, this month is very auspicious to make an investment into those ideas. Stay away from gambling and speculations, it might seem like gold but it will turn out just dust for you.


Aquarius, July is the month that asks you to give quality time to your partner. You are delaying it for long but now is the right time to go for a romantic holiday.


Don’t take decisions in hurry Aquarius, the options visible to you might be a mirage. Stay cautious of what you share with your colleagues, not everyone is trustworthy around you.


Stop avoiding the little health issues, an annual checkup is very much recommended for you in July.

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