Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

July 2021 is a disappointing month for you. Your plans and hope would plunge into the water. You might experience the most difficult phase of your life this month. Your financial stability would be shattered and there would be no aid for you. Also, your private equation would suffer a lot! But things would change slowly, stay calm.


The toughest month would test you in different easy! Money is one of them, unfortunately! You will go the scarcity of money and this would perplex you like anything. You won’t meet some of your necessary expenditures this month. Things would turn vicious for you. You have to be careful about it. Things will get better soon.


You might experience some ordeals between you and your partner. The misunderstanding would escalate into a high fight. You would feel disturbed by all these upheavals. Try to maintain your calmness and things will get better for you, slowly.


Not a good month as far as a career opportunity is concerned! You might try hard to catch a few but the adversity around you won’t let you be successful. But you can not be distressed by failure! You have to be patient and calm. Things will change slowly for you.


Not a good month for you. Your health would suffer because of your difficulties. You might experience anxiety and headache often. Have a proper diet and do yoga to calm your mind down.

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