Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

Accepting our insecurity is the only way to truly remain safe. How can you be more at peace in apparent insecurity, Aquarius? You cannot control it all—no matter how hard you try. This is an important part of your growth. You are discovering that inner wealth and growth and finding safety within. If you’ve been struggling to make and save more money money money, then this will be challenged. If you’ve been trying to control a relationship or person in your life, this will be tested. If you can stand in your light, in that uncomfortable, vulnerable but true soul shattering light, then you may feel a lot, but you’ll be acknowledged with everything you want and need. PS have a little more fun PLEASE! You are so fun when you are light!


This month there are chances that you gain higher profits but these profits will only last for a short period of time. These profits will be gained because of all the investments in your past years. The ones who don’t have jobs will also be getting jobs in reputed firms. Starting a new business will be good but choose the second half of the month to commence.


This month your romantic fronts will be great. You can have a conversation regarding tying a knot. For making your relationship stronger you will have to make your physical bond better moreover, this month all of your family members will support you in your life. Be patient and calm.


This month will be very enthusiastic and lovable as you will travel and earn. This month doing a trip will assist you in gaining better scopes related to your career. You will have to stay there for a longer period of time. However, you will also have to take care of whom you believe. If being an influencer is on your list, lots of good things are waiting for you this month.


You will welcome the new year with a fresh dose of positivity, health, and happiness. This fresh wave of positivity will help you stick to your resolutions and stay fitter for the coming year. With the weather turning cold, try to stay safe. Exercise vigorously and add natural supplements that can keep you warm from the inside. However, do not exert yourself.

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