Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

January 2021 will be a month filled with a lot of growth-related opportunities. This month you have to prioritize yourself and focus on getting a better understanding of yourself. You will experience new things and come across new ventures which will be beneficial. Rather than running away from things you learn a lesson from your mistakes and find yourself at peace.


This will be a prosperous month for you. Good inflow of cash is seen this month. Even your expenses won’t be too much, and so you will be able to get through this month easily. New investment opportunities are seen which will lead to better financial standing. This month you will also be able to pay off old expenses.  


A confusing month for you. Some couples will experience their honeymoon phase. While other couples might have to face the problems which they have been avoiding for a long time. Two people can get through anything if they want to. So be open and vulnerable with your partner. Keep your pride aside. There is no winner or loser in a relationship, if you get through the problem together then you both win otherwise you both might lose something special.


This month your work will make you feel like you are sitting on a roller coaster. A lot of opportunities will come your way but not all will be fruitful so you have to choose the right path. Learn to stay humble and polite with your colleagues and superiors, they might be of some help in the future. Follow the instructions and submit your work on time. 


This month you should focus on your health. Include exercise with some basic cardio and a balanced diet in your daily routine to stay fit. Also, you can practice yoga or meditation to take care of your mental health. Remember to take breaks and do not overburden yourself.

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