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17th June 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

To do or not to do?

There are times when we want to reach out to someone and share some problem, but are constantly harrowed by fear of judgement. Usually, not a lot of people come up and ask for help when it comes to some serious issues like anxiety and depression. 

Main reasons behind this-

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of abandonment

The world around us these days is just three words, “I am fine”. 


Not being ok is castigated so much that nobody wants to accept it and consider it as a flaw.

Is it actually what it looks like? Is not being ok, not ok? Is it not normal to feel under sometimes? 


Let’s think of situations where we ourselves were in a bad position. 

  • What do we crave the most? 
  • Is it a particular person or a situation?
  • Or just anyone who could listen and be there? 


Sometimes it’s just a “someone”.

Each one of us can be that someone.

But why all this?

  • Mental health is an important issue and should be addressed regularly, not just when some celebrity puts light on it. 
  • Because not everyone is privileged to have friends, family or even acquaintances. 
  • Even your loved ones can be going through some difficult time.
  • You can be in that position too.

Usually we don’t pay much attention to it. Many a times, we ourselves cause someone a pain they never heal from. 


  • When we avoid talking to or inviting the friends we find weird.
  • When we don’t talk to the timid office mate.
  • Pull our children away from that lonely kid in the park.
  • Not reply to someone who wants to talk genuinely.

It could be anyone, and we never know what they are going through.

Indeed there can be situations, where you want to, but cannot help the other person due to certain circumstances. What should you do in such situations?

  • Contact mutual friends.
  • Suggest them organizations that offer help for mental issues.
  • Reconnect and be there.


 Here are some hotline numbers which provide the facility-












What if you are facing such issues too?


  • Ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed.
  • Maintain a journal. Write about what you feel.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Seek medical help if needed.


Be kind. 

Be aware of the surrounding. 

Someone may not let out their problems, but if we are able to assess the behaviour and offer a helping hand, it may save many around us from the darkness of mental health issues.


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