AstrologyMatchmaking- A Zodiac Perspective

5th August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In a conservative society like India, the significance of marriage is inestimable. The auspicious social institution is considered as a heavenly union between two different individuals, no matter if they are known or unknown to each other. Marriage doesn’t happen whimsically in India. It takes thorough prerequisites before reaching a green signal. One of the prerequisites that are discerned as mandatory is zodiac matchmaking. As we know, every individual is born with his respective zodiacs, every zodiac has its rapport with another, as far as marriage is concerned. Every marriage is beautiful but a marriage with complimentary zodiacs is bliss. People in India make sure after the initiation of the proposal to see how far the kundlis of the couple complement to each other.

Here the best Astrologer and Relationship expert  Shweta Bhardwaj brings you the Zodiacs and their best marriage partner.

Aries- Libra

Aries is known as a zodiac of aggression and intensity. As the first Zodiacs on the list of twelve, Aries enjoys certain privileges that others don’t. But Aries is frantic and whimsical. The best partner for them is Libra. Libra is considered the zodiac of tranquillity. If you observe Libra, they are extremely calm and composed. They can pacify a person easily. This is the reason both Aries and Libra are compatible.

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus is known as bulky and powerful. If you observe Taurus, it has the power and agility to pull off the impossible. But they are indecisive. Meanwhile, Virgo is a cool zodiac. If you observe Virgo, they are efficient, talented, and patient. They can guide the Taurus in an indecisive situation. They make the best couple.


Gemini- Sagittarius

Gemini is known as emotional, intuitive but fickle. They don’t feel like comprising their freedom. Sagittarius also feels in the same way. They make the best pair since their ideologies are quite symmetric. If you observe Gemini, it is artistic, interesting, and winsome. They love to form a great bond with people and their best match is Sagittarius.


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