RelationshipMatchmaking, a tradition being followed , is a myth or a ritual or help?

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According to Hindu mythology, matches are made in heaven by the gods and are decided even before one is born. Now the problem with this idea of matchmaking is that it does not explain the failed marriages and the situations of not getting married throughout life. According to this idea, a person only marries someone he’s destined to marry, and hence the marriage should work out a lifetime and also that everyone will marry someone in his lifetime. Thus, the question arises, is matchmaking a myth?

Not being able to explain the authenticity of matchmaking on the basis of historical belief, one may consider matchmaking a myth. But, one thing we missed out so far is that Hindu mythology itself is tales of the old. Neither it’s been proved false nor has anyone proved it to be true. Living in this age of science where everything seems to be so well explained, right from the formation of stars to life on earth, everything is well defined. Matchmaking is an astrology based study that helps determine the compatibility between two individuals.

Astrology may seem to be a mythological study but it is actually a statistical, mathematical, and well-defined scientific study. The question of matchmaking being a myth is therefore dissolved by the fact that it is a scientific study. Based on the fact that so many people believe in matchmaking for such a long time, one may doubt if it is a ritual?

No doubt matchmaking is being followed as a ritual in India. Everyone who is going to get married gets matchmaking done, whether it’s a love marriage or arranged, irrespective of whether they believe in matchmaking or not. An important thing to keep in mind is that one should not make decisions of rejections based on matchmaking, instead one can follow remedies to harmony between two souls. Given the fact that matchmaking is not the reason for accepting or rejecting a person, it is not mandatory before marriage and hence declines it from being a ritual.

So far it is clear that matchmaking is misunderstood to be a myth or ritual. Now the fact that it is an astrology based study and it also provides solutions and results so it cannot be just removed from the marital systems. It may have been proved that it is not mandatory but the fact is also that it is helpful. Matchmaking helps in a better understanding of compatibility between two personalities before marriage but it never declares anybody incompatible. Rather, it provides the existing compatibility percentage and the solutions for increasing the compatibility with help of minor, pocket-friendly, and proven remedies. Anything that analyses our problems and provides us the solutions to those problems is considered as a help.

Matchmaking may not be mandatory but it is helpful. It is helpful to understand a relation better and also to understand the efforts one will be required to put into maintaining harmony before that relation is tied into the holy knot of marriage. To conclude, it can be said that marriage is neither a holy myth nor a mandatory ritual but an essential help from the stars of fortune.

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