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Om Namah Shivay!!

Every month we observe a sky full of stars but the most beautiful piece of it is missing. Right before the Amavasya or new moon, the darkest time comes which we celebrate as Masik Shivratri. As the name also suggests Masik meaning monthly, falls every month as it’s on the 14th day of the lunar cycle.

On this day Lord Shiva is worshipped among the Hindus and some different cultures. The devotees purify their soul and body with sesame seeds. They visit Shiva’s temples which are beautifully decorated by them, offering him milk, flowers, sandalwood paste, fruits, and rice.

The pooja is usually done at midnight and after the ceremony, people also apply ash on their forehead and ignite diyas to get Shiva’s blessings.

There is a common belief among the community that if you worship lord shiva by keeping a fast on this day you will attain a perfect partner and if you are already married, peace and tranquility will remain in your marriage.

But do not confuse it with Maha Shivaratri, unlike Masik Shivaratri it only falls once a year and is celebrated all over the world in different forms among different cultures.

According to many legends, it is believed that Masik Shivaratri is celebrated because on this day the Lord performed his popular dance known as the tandava.

You must have seen that at midnight sudden noises start to come from Shiva’s temples. Well, that is the way he is worshipped. The devotees play his favorite instrument “the Damru” and dance to it as an offering.

It’s one of the most auspicious festivals in Hindu culture. A lot of people also worship the Lord in form of Natrajan. He is one of the most worshipped gods among Hindus.

We also worship him so that peace and harmony are maintained as he is the God of destruction.

Just like Shiva, we should learn that with power comes responsibility and how he manages himself and remain calm even when things go out of hand. There are so many lessons that we can learn from the great Lord


Masik Shivratri is celebrated once every month. But did you know the reason behind why it’s celebrated?

Different legends have different stories but the one who is famous among all is as follows.

It is believed that on this day Shiva took the manifestation of the lingam. Lord Vishnu and Brahma were arguing about who is more superior but couldn’t decide so Lord Shiva took the shape of the lingam and asked them to find its end. Both took to search the end, tired of searching Brahma made a false claim that he has found the end. Disappointed by his lack of devotion Shiva declared that no temples shall be dedicated to Brahma.

This day is also celebrated as the day when Shiva and Parvati were united.


Masik Shivratri in 2020: Month, Dates, and Time





January 23-24th January Begins – 01:48 AM, Jan 23

Ends – 02:17 AM, Jan 24

February 21-22nd February  

Begins – 05:20 PM, Feb 21

Ends – 07:02 PM, Feb 22

March 22-23rd March  

Begins – 10:07 AM, Mar 22

Ends – 12:30 PM, Mar 23

April 21-22nd April  

Begins – 03:11 AM, Apr 21

Ends – 05:37 AM, Apr 22

May 20-21st May  

Begins – 07:42 PM, May 20

Ends – 09:35 PM, May 21

June 19-20th June  

Begins – 11:01 AM, Jun 19

Ends – 11:52 AM, Jun 20

July 19-20th July  

Begins – 12:41 AM, Jul 19

Ends – 12:10 AM, Jul 20

August 17-18th August  

Begins – 12:35 PM, Aug 17

Ends – 10:39 AM, Aug 18

September 15-16th September  

Begins – 11:00 PM, Sep 15

Ends – 07:56 PM, Sep 16

October 15-16th October  

Begins – 08:33 AM, Oct 15

Ends – 04:52 AM, Oct 16

November 13-14th  November  

Begins – 05:59 PM, Nov 13

Ends – 02:17 PM, Nov 14

December 13-14th December  

Begins – 03:52 AM, Dec 13

Ends – 12:44 AM, Dec 14


 Tips on how to carry out the rituals during Masik Shivratri.

  • If you are fasting on that day, you should abstain from rice, meat, alcohol, or wheat. Only fruits, vegetables, and food made of via ingredients should be consumed.
  • Wake up early and take a bath, you can also use sesame seed to cleanse your body.
  • Shiva’s lingam, ideal, or even his picture can be used by the devotees to worship God. You should begin the ceremony by offering sandalwood, milk, curd, turmeric powder, and flowers to Shiva.
  • Before performing the night pooja it is again important for you to take bath and wear new clothes.
  • The ceremony can be done at your house or even at temples.
  • After the ceremony, ash can be applied to your forehead, and Diyas are ignited to receive Shiva’s blessing.
  • You can spend the day by chanting Shiva’s mantras, it will bring peace to your mind and soul.


The Masik Shivaratri pooja is performed by a lot of people as it is a common belief by best astrologers and Vastu experts that it helps us cure diseases, improves our health, brings peace, and tranquility in our lives. And since the governing planet during this time is the moon so fast and meditation also helps us improve our concentration power.

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