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14th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In terrestrial bonding, love is the emotion eulogized as pure, pious, and unadulterated. Love has ambiguous definitions and defined with every odd and even experience. It never seeks a fixed description, neither in pursuit of perfection. Love is love and every soul has its very own interpretation of love.


Why First Love is special?

People believe the first time they fall in love is love at its best. Of course, the amalgamation of feelings you go through for the first time in love is unique. Even the best relationship and marriage counselor in India believe that the impact of first love stays forever. According to one of the most recommended relationship advisors Vishal Bhardwaj, you won’t feel the same way when you fall in love for the second time or on subsequent occasions. But concluding the first love as an ultimate winner over your other love relationships is utter stupidity to reckon with.


What’s the Best Relationship counselors have to say about first love

If you listen to the best relationship counselors around the world, they suggest that every person you meet and develop feelings for him/her is extraordinary in its way. Juxtaposing the feelings of individuals on a canvas of frequency and failure seems a void in our reason and conscience. The most important thing one has to remember, the frequency of love doesn’t decide its quality and excellence. If you fall in love for the 13th time, the person deserves to be loved as your first love.

When things go wrong and a relationship falls apart, the immediate thing we do, we condemn the possibility of love happening again. We traduce love for being brutal, we grudge against destiny and whatnot. But we never understand the silver lining of clamoring clouds. Even when we find somebody compatible and trustworthy, we keep striking the insecurity inside till eternity. When we do that, we invite injustice to take place in our new relationship with someone new.

The fever of first love and its mild temperature doesn’t let us feel the warmth of a new beginning. The individual who falls in love with us and tries to render everything he/she has finds himself in a desert of seclusion for no wrongdoing.


Love can Happen Twice

The famous novel “Love can happen twice” portrays love, irrespective of its frequency, deserves to be looked after. Some dreadful. Past experiences can not be the determinant of our enduring love. Love with every new face is a revival of love. Those feelings should be embraced, nurtured, and cherished to make it a successful relationship.

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