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21st April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The auspiciousness of Ramnavmi in the realm of Hindu devotion does not an elongated elaboration to talk about. Lord Vishnu, the “Palanhar” has an irreplaceable place inside the hearts of devotees and his Ramnavmi is one of the celebrated occasions all over India. Ramnavami is a festivity of light and celebration where Rama empowers the world to eliminate the precarious evil inside every soul.

On this auspicious day of Ramnavmi, we are going to discuss the elements related to Lord Vishnu and what they signify.

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Sudarshan Chakra

The whirling weapon in the hand of Lord Vishnu signifies the strength of time.

Time does not halt for a while to bring you an opportunity and every karma in the rotation of time comes back to you, whether being a boon or bane!

The formidable weapon also symbolizes Moksha! Instead of getting indulged in the same method of life; death and birth, one should be eternal with its virtue and truth.


Peacock feather- The Mayur Chandrika

The Mayur Chandrika we often notice on the head of Lord Krishna. The exquisite embellishment signifies happiness and love.
It also represents the beauty of the universe and its functioning. Mayur Chandrika also implies undaunted and courageous virtue.


Koumadaki- The Mace

Koumadaki is the name of Gada in the hand of Lord Vishnu.

The weapon signifies unadulterated intelligence and strength. Philosophically, it says the power of time!

The pyramidical shaping of the weapon signifies the gradual culmination of knowledge and enlightening of human existence.


Syamala- The hue of harmony

Syamala is a color that defines dark blue. The complexion of Lord Vishnu is Syamala.

The color signifies the bliss of night and peace. Dark blue or Syamala is a colour of integrity and unity. It also speaks the essence of love and mutuality.


Kaustav- The Gem

Kaustav is a precious gem worn by Lord Vishnu. The pious stone represents wealth and power in life.

It also symbolizes stability. But the true essence of Kaustav is peace and harmony in both spheres of the body and the mind.


Garuda- the kite

Garuda is known as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

The giant bird represents high aspiration in life and resilience to overcome the difficulties in life.

Garuda also signifies punctuality and perseverance. The bird is also an insignia of alacrity and agility.


Serpent- the Sheshanaga

The snake associated with Lord Vishnu is Sheshanaga what implies patience and stability in real life.

The giant serpent also signifies royalty, sovereignty, and vitality in human existence.

As a symbol of eternity, it has made its position prominent in Hindu mythology.🕉️


Conch- The Panchajanya

The conch in the hand of Lord Vishnu is known as Panchajanya. The Panchajanya signifies the victory of odd and evil.

It is also a clarion call to the Enlightenment of individuals.

The refinement of the soul and sanctification of the mind. The sound of Panchajanya is “Om” and it imposes the power of the entire cosmos.




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