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6th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

As soon as the chilling winter gets ready to wave its bye, the warmth of the resplendent sun spreads its golden sparks all around. In Hindu folklore, specifically in the Punjab region, the celebration of Lohri is considered as the last day of the ensuing winter. The auspiciousness of the celebration is prevalent all over India. People of different cult and religion accept this wonderful occasion, blithely.


Lohri: Day of the Occasion for 

The previous day of Makar Sankranti every year is celebrated as Lohri.


Date and Mahurat for Lohri 2020

This year Lohri will be celebrated on 13th January, Wednesday.


Celebration for a reason

The celebration of Lohri with burning fire implies the grand welcome of Sun God to the earth after a spine-chilling winter. People plead the Lord to bless their harvests with the utmost profit and prosperity.


Remedies for Lohri 2021

Keep special attention on this day of Lohri

As you all know, fire is lit on Lohri and new grains, lava, peanuts, and Revdis are offered on a pile of wood. Very few people would know that it is more important to take care of the direction of decorating wood for Lohri. According to this, Lohri should be celebrated in the south-east direction only. It is said that this is the direction of fire and by lighting the fire here, new life and happiness come into life.

  • Ask the newly married to make meetha prasad (sweet bhog)
  • Use black cumin in the pooja, this would bring positive vibes with its aroma.
  • Never collect the ash of pious burn into a dustbin.
  • Start feeding the cows from Lohri


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