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13th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The essence of Kiss Day in Valentine Week is so special. A kiss is proximity that exchanges extreme emotions between two intimate individuals who have fallen in love with each other, madly. It is the initiative that brings a lot of hope, and assurances to the relationship. Here brings you the varieties of kisses that zodiac signs love to plant to their partners in love. Hope you find the most interesting on this exciting day of Valentine. (Also read About the Hug Day)



The passionate Aries like the French Kiss the most. Aries people are enthusiastic and they are petty much romantic too to be in the embrace of their lovable partner.



Taurus people are extremely outspoken but one thing you have to accept about them that they are quite conservative in the matter of romance. They don’t want to jump all of a sudden and that is why they choose to kiss on the cheek over a kiss on the lip.



As we discuss always, Gemini people artistic. They don’t want to kiss their partner in a very normal way. They tend to adhere to any movie-style romance, especially, the Spiderman kiss.



Cancer people go with a very conservative approach to romance. They don’t want to kiss someone all of a sudden. They choose to kiss on the forehead before moving forward.



Leo people are outspoken, carefree, and amazing. But they are very much abided by their ethics and morality. For this reason, they go with kissing in the hand, not a lip lock.



The emotional side of the Virgo allows people to go for an Eskimo Kiss. The nose rubbing kiss is very familiar with Virgo people.



Libra people are artistic and passionate. Their intensity and the quality of exploration leads them to have a French kiss!



Scorpio people are mellow, soft-spoken, and calm. Instead of going for immediate physical proximity, they want to blow a kiss in the air.



The Sagittarius people, like Virgo, are fond of Eskimo Kiss. They are silent, mellow, and loving. Rubbing the nose with their partner, they want to be in that zone of emotion.



Capricorn people are very emotional. For them, physical proximity is not that significant. They want eye contact and a butterfly kiss.



people of Aquarius are extremely jovial and jolly. All they want to blow kisses in the air and make their lovers feel so special.



Pisces people are very simple. All they want privacy and a simple lip-lock with their lovable partner. They don’t want to make it public.


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