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14th August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Success and failure, both are parts of life. Human exists on this earth with a purpose to perpetuate his success and overcome the failure they embrace over time. Both success and failure are ephemeral in human life. They don’t persistent to be permanent. But the individual who gets accustomed to both of them should know how to handle them both. According to Vishal Bhardwaj, Tedx speaker and one of the best Career coaches in India Success is tricky. You can handle it if you become down-to-earth and humble. But failure seems to be a devastation. It challenges your root to uphold your courage and puts utmost effort to shiver your strength. At that particular time, the individual needs to be cautious with his decisions and subsequent steps. If that doesn’t happen righteously, things fall to the wreckage in life.
Here brings you five essential formulas for handling failure in life. Hope you appreciate our sincere effort.

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Failure is normal

Yes, failure can happen to the most successful person in this world as well and this is very normal. Life happens to everyone so differently. Well, if life happens, failure occurs too. So stop being bothered about failure since you are not the first person to become a failure in life.


Have Optimism

If there is a moonless night, there is a resplendent sunny day too to follow it. If you are subjected to failure today, you will be successful again! The world turns so as our destiny. There is no point in getting marinated in pessimism since life belongs to both! If you are a failure today, that’s fine! Just wake up and try your best to become successful on the next occasion.


Don’t Give up

Failure should be an option, but not giving up! You don’t come to this gigantic earth to get intimidated by failure. Perhaps you come to conquer the goal with courage. So keep trying unless you are not done! Human doesn’t realize his power of dominance. You have to realize it and should give your very best with reasonable preparation.


Learn from the past

You have to learn from your every mistake. If you don’t learn from your past incidents, abruptly you halt the momentum of progression. You have to assess things for your betterment. We know it becomes difficult but learning is an inevitable process, you have to learn anyhow.


Let it go

Learn how to let things go! Failure is not a permanent identity card to be hung on your neck forever. You have to remove it to shove it inside the drawer. Forget it as a bad dream and dream a new one to work upon. Past should remain in past and don’t yank to present. So let the failure go!

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