VastuKarwa Chauth 2020: Date,Muhurat and Moonrise

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The festival of Karwa Chauth has great significance among Hindus.

As the word suggests Karva means pot and Chauth means fourth, this is celebrated on the fourth day on Purnima, in the Kartik month by offering an arghya to the moon through an earthen pot. Though the festival is celebrated among limited cultures it still has significance among people.


Karwa Chauth 2020: Date, Time, Mahurat, and Moonrise

 Date- 4th November 2020

Start- 3:24 AM (4th November)

End-  5:34 AM (5th November)

Mahurat- 5:34 PM to 6:52 PM on the evening (4th November)

Moonrise-  8:12 PM (4th November)

Karwa Chauth Significance and Pooja Vidhi

Lord Shiva and Parvati, along with the moon are worshipped on this day.

The fast starts from dawn when the pooja thali is prepared by the mother in law also called the Sargi. Married women keep a full day fast in which not even water is consumed the whole day. They break their fast at night when the moon is visible, by offering argha to it.

On this women dress up in beautiful sarees as a sign of them being married, they decorate the pooja thali with different offerings to God, the most common is meethi Matthi. It is believed that if this fast is kept is equivalent to 100 fasts and it ensures the long life and safety of the husband.

Though this custom came into practice as most men went to war so to ensure they came home safe women used to pray to God by keeping this fast.

Another reason it was celebrated was as in earlier times small girls were married and there was nothing left of their childhood so to make more friends and sit with other girls this day came into existence when a lot of women came together and talked and prayed for their husbands.

Not just one but several legends are associated with the pooja for now I’ll tell you one.

There was a queen Veervati who had seven brothers and loved her husband very much, so at the time of KarvaChauth, she went to her parent’s house to keep the fast. Seeing her struggle the whole day her brothers couldn’t look at her like that so they made an image of the moon by some trick, seeing the false image Veervati broke her fast. But the next day the news came that her husband had fallen ill. As she reached the palace she saw her husband had passed away, she prayed to Lord Shiva and Parvati for forgiveness, the answered her prayer and told her, that her husband would come back if she kept the fast with full devotion. She agreed and her husband was revived.

Since the culture has become significant over time, nowadays men also keep fast for their wives for their long life. This not only improves the chemistry between them but also shows love.

Apart from this, the festivals have great astrological importance. Since it falls near the Rohini nakshatra it is considered an auspicious day. The moon is also mounted in Venus, and since Venus is the planet if love it will be in place of mars thus bring warmth to your relationship.

You can also make the day more beneficial by following some Vastu tips during Karwachauth2020.

  • Remove all waste material from the south and southwestern zone as it strengthens the love between the married couple.
  • Since the southwest is considered to be the zone for love, do not use the washing machine in that direction. It should be used in the southeast direction.
  • The Southeast zone can be decorated with rose petals and a yellow frame family photograph can be in the southwest zone of the house to bring warmth to the relationship.
  • The kitchen and bathroom should not be in the southwest zone and the bed should be placed in the southeast zone all this brings more love and helps overcome problems in a relationship.
  • Sometimes during Karva Chauth when the moon is not visible, you can break your fast either the next morning by worshiping the sun or asks for Lord Shiva’s forgiveness and pour some holy water in the direction where the moon would rise.
  • The idols or the picture of God should face the west direction and the worshipper should be facing the east direction.

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