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2nd February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Astrology as a field of study has its charm, audience, and significance. Starting from unprecedented happenings of human life to mishaps that hound emotion, astrology has been a panacea to the predicaments. In the realm of astrology, there are several aspects to ponder upon. Combining both the positive and negative impacts of planetary movements, the study has gained immense popularity.

The foremost thing that has been accentuated in the realm of astrology is Dosha. The Dosha is an outcome of the movements of the planets in a Kundli and their debilitated positioning. Their impact can affect human life seriously. But a proper understanding of things can mitigate the pain caused by Dosha and can prevent too before it from getting too late.


What is Kartik Dosha?


If you listen to the best astrologers of the world, The Kartik Dosha is one of the Dosha that people don’t talk about often. But yes, it does exist with its repercussions. Karthik month begins in mid of October and ceases nearly in mid of November. During this solar month of Karthik, the Sun traverses the Libra sign. Sun is supposed to be debilitated in Libra sign. Sun turns to the negative sign of Libra, during this period. The infirm Sun is not good at this time.

During this period, the concerned person goes through certain inconveniences. Like poor administrative qualities, fear of taking responsibility, health issues, harsh behavior, and financial issue.


Effects Of Karthik Dosha

1. Difficulties while decision making.
2. Loss of concentration in job and studies.
3. Failure despite proper preparation.
4. Harsh behavior and irritation during conversations.
5. Health issues, mostly of eyes and bones.
6. Fear of taking responsibility when it is asked.
7. Not so good relationship among relatives.


Karthik Dosha Remedies


Every day in the morning, the concerned individual has to worship lord Sun and the worship of the Sun will give positive energy.

Every Sunday praying to lord Sun in any Nabagraha temple will benefit the person.

Seeking the auspicious blessing of Lord Shiva and a special pooja to the lord will support the native with reasonable health.

Help any old or aged individual by providing a walking stick, umbrella, and Bhagavat Gita.

Shouting in unison these mantras on Sunday will give the native, harmony and prosperity in the private life.

Om Suriyani Namaha” “Om Marichiyae Namaha” “Om Sambouthiyae Namaha
They should be crooned on Sunday from 6 am to 7 am 1 pm to 2 pm and 8 pm to 9 pm.


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