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17th November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

“Om aim hraam kleem shri batukbhairavaya”

The Kala Ashtami is another important day that is considered auspicious among Hindus. There are 12 Kala Ashtami’s in a year and is celebrated on the Ashtami Tithi of every month (8th lunar day of the waning moon). The deity worshiped on this day is Lord Bhairva that is why the day is also called Bhairva Ashtami or Bhairva Jayanti or Kala-Bhairva Ashtami, or Kala-Bhairva Jayanti.


When is Kalashtami in 2020?

Kalashtami Vrat     Monday 7th  December 2020


Legend Associated with Kalashtami

The legend associated with this revolves around the three Hindu Gods.

Once Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva were sitting together and discussing who is the most superior among them. Lord Brahma made an arrogant remark which made Lord Shiva angry and he took the manifestation of Lord Bhairva. He took one of the five heads of Lord Brahma leaving him four heads. Since then everyone worshiped the Lord and his fierce manifestation to get rid of their sins.

Another story that surfaces from the legend is that since Lord Bhairva committed a terrible sin because of which Brahma’s head was stuck on his hand. So to pay for it he had to walk as a naked beggar on earth while carrying Brahma’s skull as his begging bowl until he reached the city of Varanasi.


Significance of Masik Kalashtami/Bhairav Ashtami

The word ‘Kala’ means time and the word ‘Bhairva’ refers to the manifestation of Shiva. Thus according to Hindu mythology, Bhairva is also called the ‘God of Time’, making devotees worship the Lord with full dedication and devotion.

From the legend, we should learn that we have to eliminate the negatives, which are greed, lust, arrogance, ego, dishonesty, selfishness, pride, and apathy from our lives. That is why devotees believe that keeping a fast on this will help them get rid of their sins and the negatives and the Lord will bless them with a happy life.

It is also believed if the day falls on a Sunday or Tuesday then it will have more significance as Bhairva will bless its devotees with wealth, success, better health, and remove obstacles.


Rituals associated with Kalashtami

According to the best Vastu expert of India Vishal Bhardwaj, Kalashtami or Bhairav Ashtami is considered as an auspicious vrat. So it is recommended to follow proper rituals and Vastu remedies for good fortune, prosperity, and blessings of Lord Bhairav.

Several rituals are also observed on this day –

  • Devotees can either keep all-night vigil and worship the Lord by offering flowers. And donating food and money to Brahmins.
  • Otherwise, devotees can wake up before sunrise, perform a special pooja, and then observe a fast throughout the day.
  • In the evening temples should be visited to worship Lord Bhairva and chant a prayer for Shiva and Parvati as well.
  • A special pooja for ancestors is also undertaken on this day as a way to bless their souls and pray for their peace.
  • A Black dog is fed milk, curd, and sweets since it is considered auspicious as the Vahan of Lord Bhairva is a black dog.
  • Special poojas are held in Vaishno Devi Mandir as well as an eight-day pilgrimage of the eight temples in Varanasi is dedicated to Lord Bhairva. Several devotees visit these places during the time of Kala Ashtami.

This was all you need to know about Bhairva Ashtami.

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