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4th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

As we discuss often, the movements of planets not only entice unfavorable Doshas to our Kundli, they also form such optimistic Yoga to encourage the skill and ability inside the individual. There are several Dosha who might show unfavorable consequences initially but later on, they produce incredible results for the concerned individual. Well, most of the time people misinterpret these Doshas as extreme malefic and try to frighten others, for no valid reason.


What is Kalanidhi Yoga?

According to the best astrologers of India, Kalanidhi Yog is formed if Jupiter is in the second house aspected by Mercury and Venus. Other than this, this yoga is also shaped when Jupiter is positioned in a house along with the signs of Venus and Mercury. (Also read about Panchampurush Yog and Neech Bhang Raj Yog)

People believe that a person with Kalanidhi Yoga inherits talent in blood. But the myth needs some luster of reality. The truth is if one happens to have the fortunate yog in his Kundali, he has to work hard to polish those virtues in his character. Without perseverance and dedication towards goals, one can not achieve anything in life, despite the favoring of Yog.


Consequences of Kalanidhi Yoga

An individual with Kalanidhi Yoga achieves honor and pride in society and is also felicitated by the administration. He relishes the happiness of having vehicles and other materialistic things in life. He might be thoughtful, intelligent, sagacious, artful, wealthy, and full of other positive qualities.

Kalanidhi Yoga is usually formed in the Kundalis of people who have achieved success in governmental hierarchy. If an individual is born in this yoga, he is usually rewarded or praised by his higher authority, mostly governmental. He usually belongs to a high class of society and continues to be invulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. He gets prosperity in his career and can earn a fortune for himself.

Even though Kalanidhi Yoga plays a very important part in the life of the concerned individual, we have to cherish the fact, again and again, dedication and perseverance are the means to attain the pinnacle of success. One can not be successful by choosing a path of the shortcut. It takes immense concentration and physical labor simultaneously to be somebody in this world of nobody.


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