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Entrance is an extremely important part of the house; this is a gateway from which constantly energies pass by. This gate should be maintained with utmost care and direction should be appropriate to reap rich benefits. According to the best Vaastu expert in India, one should pay great attention to the main door and the main windows. A person enters the home through the main door and the main door should produce positive energy each time a person walks in. Positive energy is correlated to the main entrance of the house. The main door should be positioned in a way where it can activate, the most beneficial energy. Main door positions according to directions are


The main door can be placed anywhere facing North. When facing the house the door should be towards the Northeast. Avoid placing the door in the right towards Northwest. Placing the door in this direction will allow sunlight throughout the day.


A door positioned in the South shouldn’t be constructed in the center of the building, should be constructed in the right direction of the building and the right direction of the home. Avoid placing the main door in the Southwest direction as it might harm you with the hot infrared rays.


The door can be positioned facing towards the North, East direction towards the right. Avoid constructing the door in the Southeast direction.


The door can be constructed facing the house, towards the left. Avoid positioning the door in the right direction of the house. If you have a door in West direction ensure that you have a parallel door in the East which can allow maximum useful Ultraviolet rays.

According to Vaastu rules, there should be two doors; one for entry and one for the exit. The exit door should be smaller than the entrance door; it will let the fresh air enter the house.

There are few guidelines for the main door-

  • The main door should be larger and the other doors should be smaller from the house.
  • The planks of the door should open inwards and there will be endless troubles if the main door opens towards outside. The children will become irritating and arrogant.
  • The main door should always be kept clean and attractive.
  • It should have two planks. If all the doors of the house cannot be of two planks then at least the main door, and the doors of two master bedrooms and the puja room should be of two planks.
  • The main door should be decorated by the auspicious signs like swastika, bells, conch, cowries, and pictures of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Lord Ganesha.

The boundary is necessary around a residential or a professional establishment. It not only protects the house but also protects them from Vaastu dosha. Boundary of Southern and Western should be thicker than the Northern and Eastern parts.


  • For the positivity at the entrance, decorate your front entrance by adding green plants and flowers.
  • Ensure that entrance should be well lit throughout and never be dark.
  • Do not keep dustbin or garbage near the entrance.
  • The entrance of the house should not face the temple.
  • The main gate should not make any creaky noise.
  • The entrance should be kept clutter-free and tidy to make the surrounding positive.
  • The entrance of the house is best in North and East seeds.

Vaastu tips can help maintain positivity, happiness, and prosperity. For more, Vaastu related tips and remedies contact the best Vaastu expert Vishal Bhardwaj at


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