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What is Yantra?

A Yantra means an ‘apparatus’ or ‘instrument’. It is a geometric design prepared by India’s best astrologer, on metals such as gold, silver, copper, Bhojapatras (bark of birch tree), and sometimes paper. It is used as a point of focus during meditation. The advanced stage is to achieve total silence of the mind. Devotees are advised to meditate, focusing on a Yantra to attain this stage.

This technique is used till the devotee learns to keep his/her mind empty without the presence of a Yantra. This use of Yantra is highly efficient because they help avoid ‘mental chatter’ and mistakes during meditation.

Types of Yantras

Different Gods are represented by different Yantras (that represent different energies). Therefore, it is said that using a particular Yantra can ignite specific energy. Following are different types of Yantras and the energies they are believed to possess

  • Kamla Yantra: Overall prosperity
  • Gayatri Yantra: Positive energy, salvation
  • Durga Beesa Yantra: Power, property, prosperity, and overcomes difficulties
  • Kanakdhaa Yantra: Gold and wealth
  • Mahalaxmi Yantra: Wealth
  • Kali Yantra: Victory and success
  • Navdurga Yantra: Power, victory, and success
  • Tara Yantra: Eloquence and wealth
  • Saraswati Yantra: Education, intelligence and creativity
  • Bhuvneshwari Yantra: Power
  • Bagalamukhi Yantra: To win over enemies and legal cases
  • Tripurbhairavi Yantra: Self-control and victory
  • Dhumavati Yantra: Overcomes sorrow, tragedy, disease, and poverty
  • Chinnamasta Yantra: Victory over enemies and educational success
  • Matangi Yantra: Married life and musical expertise
  • Gita Yantra: Success and salvation
  • Panchanguli Yantra: Best for astrologers for getting predictive powers
  • Ganesh Yantra: Overcoming obstacles
  • Swastik Ganesh Yantra: Good luck
  • Hanuman Yantra: Power, dominance, positive energy and prosperity
  • Vahan Durghatatana Nashak: Protection from road accidents/mishaps
  • Akarsan Yantra: Attraction
  • Vashikaran Yantra: Control beloved/lover
  • Prem Vriddhi Yantra: Increases love and affection in a couple.
  • Santan Gopal Yantra: For begetting children
  • Ram Raksha Yantra: Protection from enemies
  • Shubh Labh Yantra: Gains
  • Kuber Yantra: Immense wealth
  • Mahmrityunjay Yantra: Protection from disease, death, and sorrow
  • Vyapar Vridhi Yantra: Success in business
  • Maha Sudarshan Yantra: Victory over enemies
  • Matsya Yantra: Clears Vastu Faults
  • Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra: Overcomes ill effects of Vastu faults
  • Kaalsarp Yantra: Overcomes obstacles and difficulties in life
  • Surya Yantra: Health, immunity, and eyesight
  • Chandra Yantra: Knowledge and happiness
  • Mangal Yantra: Quick success
  • Brihaspati Yantra: Power, authority, and knowledge
  • Shukra Yantra: Love and marital bliss
  • Buddha Yantra: Intelligence
  • Ram Raksha Yantra: Protection from enemies
  • Rahu Yantra: Protection from misfortune
  • Navgrah Yantra: Overall Prosperity
  • Ketu Yantra: For success in occult and speculation
  • Sampurna Sri Yantra: Wealth, prosperity, health, beauty and success
  • Sampurna Vyapaarvridhi: Effective for success in business
  • Sampurna Vidyadayak Yantra: Education, creativity and communication skills
  • Sampurna Badhamukti Yantra: Overcomes obstacles and troubles
  • Sampurna Rognashaka Yantra: Overcomes diseases
  • Sampurna Kaalsarp Yantra: Overcomes Kalsarpa, Vastu and Pitri Dosha
  • Sampurna Navgraha Yantra: Overcomes the evil impact of all planets
  • Sampurna Vastudosh Nivaran: Overcomes complicated Vastu faults
  • Sampurna Mahalaxmi Yantra: Wealth and prosperity
  • Sampurna Karyasiddhi Yantra: Success in accomplishing all sorts of tasks

Energising a Yantra                 

An expert’s assistance is required to energize (Pranapratishtha) a Yantra. It is done by reciting the Mantras of the presiding God in a specific Yantra. After that, the place of sacred fire should be decorated (Homes) and offerings (Ahuti) should be given. It is advised that the user of the Yatra must have enough faith and respect for the Yantras to get optimum benefit from them.

Yantras that are energized on the days of Mahashivratri, Holi, and Diwali are said to be the most powerful. They generate mental and spiritual energy. It is highly advised to use a Yantra under the guidance of a learned expert on auspicious occasions (Mahurat).

(Note: We advise you to use Yantras only by consulting the best astrologer. And do not buy Yantras by getting influenced by anyone who does not possess the expertise, even family or friends. Since they are extremely powerful devices and may have ill effects on you.)


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