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“She turned white in fear.” “He turned red in anger.” “I am feeling blue.” We often use colours to describe our emotions and moods. According to the experts, the significance of colours is beyond just emotions.

It is believed that colours have healing properties. Experts also say that a person’s aura contains different layers of light (when passed through a prism, scatter to form a rainbow). These beautiful colours are known as ‘VIBGYOR’, which stands for: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. These colours have both physical and psychological impact on us. Below is the detailed analysis of these different colours:


Violet signifies the highest element of spiritual mastery. It is a soothing colour that has calming effects on the nervous system and mental balance. This colour was reserved for royalty in ancient times. Painting the walls of your bedroom different shades of violet, like mauve and purples as per Vastu brings prosperity and nobleness into your life.


Indigo signifies infinity. It is a cold colour that has a relaxing effect on eyes, ears and nose ailments, it also purifies the blood. A deficiency of indigo can cause problems of generative organs. To treat these problems, this colour should be used in a scattered form. Use this colour in the form of bed sheets, cushion covers, towels and items of daily use. Avoid painting walls in this colour.


Blue signifies water and space element in nature. The energy exuded by this colour helps us to see beyond what is in front of our eyes. It is a cold colour and is used to help treat problems in the neck, thyroid gland, shoulder, teeth and gums. Scarcity of blue cause deafness and problems related to ears. Paint the walls of your bedroom in a blue colour for a peaceful sleep in summer. Blue walls seem cold in winter and need extra heating. Also, too much blue can make you insane. According to Vastu, blue is best in the bathroom.


Green signifies life, balance and nature. It is the combination of yellow (mind) and blue (spirit) therefore symbolises a balance between the two. It is the most seen colour in nature and known as the ‘master of balancing’. It helps treat problems related to fertility, breasts, lungs and upper back. It has a sedating effect. Scarcity of green cause’s mental illness, using green mosquito nets, sheets and covers bring peaceful sleep. Maternity homes or nurseries are advised to be painted green to bring serenity to pregnant women and infants.


Yellow signifies wisdom. Is naturally associated with the sun and symbolises sustaining energy. It is a hot colour, has a bright and cheering effect. It helps treat problems related to the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach. Yellow is known to activate the immune system. When used as wall paint, this colour masks the absence of sun. It brings warmth within properties built-in cold climate. It is also a good colour to paint the kitchen.


Orange signifies creative energy. It is a combination of red (vitality) and yellow (wisdom). It is thoughtful and controlled. As it is the colour of joy, it encourages warmth of heart. This colour is used to help balance problems related to kidneys, intestines and lower spine. Orange attires are preferred during celebrations like festivals and weddings. Orange is not preferred in its pure form for interiors. Lighter shades like peach can energise the workout room/gym.


Red signifies validity. It is an extremely hot colour that has a stimulating mental and physical effect. It has a cheering effect and helps get rid of laziness. It is used to treat problems related to sex organs, lungs, bones heart and muscles. It is advised to use this colour to protect oneself from ‘Evil Eye’. Red is best used in activity rooms like dance halls, gymnasiums, sports courts etc.

Colours, in the form of light, are absorbed by every cell in our body. Treatment with the help of colours is completely holistic, for more details contact the expert on www.predictionsforsuccess.com

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