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12th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In Valentine’s week, the significance of Hug Day can not be trivialized(Also read about Promise Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day and Propose Day).

The essence of a hug is unique. When one embraces your insecurities, flaws, past, and failure, you feel alive and that is a hug all about. Here brings you the kind of hugs zodiac signs want. Hope you find the most useful.



Aries people are volatile. They get angry so easily. The easy outburst leads them to shed a tear. The kind of hug they need in that situation is a hug of sympathy.



Taurus people are exuberant. All they need you to be with them and accompany them in their habits. In a relationship, also tend to have a similar attribute. So all they in a hug is the purest form of love.



Gemini People are emotional. They feel distressed often for different reasons. For them, their self-esteem comes first. What they exactly need in your hug is some respect.



Cancer people are stern and tough sometimes. They won’t get convinced by your words, easily. Sometimes they might behave weirdly because of despair. What they truly need is a hug full of emotions.



Leo people are happy. They are enthusiastic and outgoing. They love to meet new people, observe things, and enjoy the atmosphere. All they need in a hug is an abundance of happiness.



Virgo people are a seeker of love. They want someone to be their side and make things amazing for them. Their hidden intention behind getting a hug is some affection.



Libra people are very much concerned about their self-respect. All they want to treasure in life is their value and ethics. For them, a hug filled with respect is enough.



Scorpio people are artistic. They are a true lover of art. When they fall in love, they treat it as an art. For this reason, all they need a hug of appreciation.



The simple Sagittarius people, like others, need a hug full of love. All they wish their partner to hug them and caress their back with soft hands.



Capricorn people are sentimental. They don’t speak loud but when they are emotional, they cry hiding their face. This is why all they need a hug of love.



like the Scorpio, Aquarius people need a hug of appreciation. Yes, not for their dexterity in art but for sure their effort in relationships.



Pisces people are also a seeker of love. All they want you to embrace them in love when they are falling apart. This is why they are special in the realm of love.


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