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6th May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Perseverance has no substitution in human existence. As we say, there is no shortcut to success, we have to persevere for the goal we have envisioned. To be something on this gigantic planet, you have to put your best foot forward. Well, if someone becomes reluctant to do that, he would embrace failure spontaneously or failure becomes inevitable for him.

In our article, we would love to bring you the Zodiacs and their trait of hard work. We will decipher which Zodiac is a workaholic and how much in the scale of percentile.

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Aries is extremely workaholic and serious about their responsibility. Aries people stand with a 99% percent of hard work.



Taurus people are very workaholics. They stand with an 80% score. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and amazing.



Gemini people are 50% workaholics. They are artistic. They know fast and furious things won’t work for them.



Cancer people are intense and they stand with 60% of a workaholic attitude. They don’t feel like stretching themselves too much.



Leo people are workaholics with a 95% score. They don’t feel like getting sluggish at home and spend time uselessly.



Virgo people are sluggish with a 30% workaholic attitude. They do not feel like putting in all the hard work at a single go.



Libra people are manageable with a 50% workaholic attitude. They know where to stand with what amount of perseverance.



Scorpio people are amazing with hard work. They score a decent 75% with good results in life.



The Sagittarius scores a manageable 51%. They know where do they stand and what it takes for their maintenance.



Capricorn people score a decent 60%. They know they are workaholics but only when they feel like it.



Aquarius people score a disappointing 18% since they seem sluggish all the time and don’t know the value of hard work.



Pisces people are peaceful but they don’t know how to make things happen. They stand with 30% perseverance

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