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5th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the Indian social system, marriage– the heavenly union is considered as one of the pious and sacrosanct institutions where people tie the knot with each other to be the companion for the rest of the life. Marriage is not just a formality where people get agreed to certain conditions, rather it is an emotion where two individuals water the plant, equally. Well, as soon westernization engulfed the Indian value system, we started witnessing a lot of relationships falling apart, horrendously. Those unexpected mishaps not only ruined lives in abundance, equally, questioned how much are we abided by our ethics and values?!? 

There lies the role of marriage counselors. According to a recent study in the “Journal of Marital and Family Therapy,“ it is found that marriage counseling helps 7 out of 10 couples in finding great satisfaction in their marriage.

Studies have shown that couples have benefitted from relationship counseling. Our relationship counseling experts Vishal and Shweta Bhardwaj are one of India’s most popular relationship consultant of India who agrees on the fact that couple counseling is beneficial in fixing the marriage. But, early detection is also a big plus.

Marriage relationships don’t come to an end like a nightmare of mid Summer. Separation is always a prolonged process where a gamut things play pivotal roles, actively. So here are few tips shared by the best relationship and marriage counselor of India Vishal Bhardwaj which will help you to lead a successful marriage life.



The foremost thing a couple needs to understand in their initial days of nuptial life, they need to know each other very well. In the Indian social system, where arranged marriages take place in huge proportion in comparison to love marriages, it is impeccable that couples get very limited time to know each other before their marriage. In that scenario, in the formative days of marriage, people should try to know the like, dislike, nature, and tendency of each other, gradually. Such an understanding won’t create havoc in the future and relationships would remain safe. 



We have to adjust to situations with each other. Life is always a tunnel of tumultuousness. As a couple, you have to face tough circumstances where one of you need to compromise something for something better. Well, it is absurd to expect a particular individual to be subject to sacrifice. It should be mutual, considering the situation and its repercussions. 



In a workaholic life, we often sacrifice the importance of family and love. We don’t realize while running behind fame and money, what precious we lose, incautiously. You have to plan occasions where you can spend time with your beloved one and those moments need to be recreated frequently. 



Never try to win your relationship with the material exchange. The more you evaluate your bond in money, the more you lose trust in your partner. Remember, money can buy a mattress, not a peaceful sleep. Yes, you can gift anything to your partner but that should not be a means to overpower him or her. 



Things happen. Sometimes bad and sometimes worse. As a couple, you should deal with it to find a fruitful solution to it. Never allow a third party to be decisive in your relationship. Those people have the tendency to harm more than create. They interpret the exact opposite at your partner and vice-versa in front of him/her. Confront the truth alone. You don’t need the assistance of a third party in any situation, especially with toxic people around.


Hope these ideas work for you and help you to lead a successful and happy marriage life. 

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