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27th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

There are thousands and thousands of planetary positions, yoga (planetary combinations), and interpretations in Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, you are seeking to know.

It is “impractical” for me to mention, forget about writing all of them. There have been great Jyotish – Vedic Astrologers who have written tons and tons of books on Jyotish – Vedic Astrology eg. Late Mr. B. V. Raman of India; still all those books are not enough as Jyotish is a vast ocean of knowledge.

Define Success

In the West to be successful usually is associated with material abundance. Don’t for a moment think it is much different in the East. We all want creature comforts, however, real success in the East refers more to the spiritual side and the focus on enhancing one’s soul which of course is closely related to what was done in a previous life.

So here is the catch…in the West, we tend to think of life as being a one-shot deal and the ‘hand we are dealt’ was done so by random. In the East, the thought is different in fact life’s challenges are seen as opportunities to learn and learning is never easy, primarily because it hurts. But thank the powers that be, we are able to experience the hurts, frustrations, and sorrows of life because it is only through these that we are willing to look within. Let’s face it when everything is going well who wants to rock the boat.

So, to answer your question, if you have a Western concept about life and are having a challenge getting the money you want your success level will be low in your eyes. If you can expand your concept about life and its meaning chances are you will begin to appreciate more about what is going on and benefit from the events, at least at a spiritual level.

Success in Astrology

If you wish to become an astrologer, first take any systematic course or class available in your city. Be sure to check who is taking those classes, what are being taught there, pedagogy, etc. Learn astrology with an open mind. Nothing is fixed or like a prophecy here. There are various branches too, so while you study you may be interested in one branch or may integrate two or more branches together. It’s a myth that an astrologer can predict anything, few are experts in individual horoscope others in collective or mundane astrology, etc.

Second, learning astrology and applying it are two different things altogether. Not all who know astrology can predict. Predictions are an art and science which depends upon your skills, practice, and research. Nothing is fixed, you can’t say that a particular combination of planets or yoga will always give the same results. Those results are assimilated based on various yogas present.

Each horoscope is unique, still, to learn its keys you need to go through thousands of horoscopes. Keep an open mind, challenge theories, see for cancellation or validation of predictions. You will fail, learn from failures. Always keep an intention to help others rather than pure earning. Read, read, and Read, if you are applying while reading good, always keep a notebook to check what goes as per rule and whatnot. What deviates gives you important hints to its applicability and hidden keys that are not taught in any books or classes. 


Last but not the least, nobody can teach you predictions, go to a guru and see him making predictions, this way you will learn how he is making those predictions, what all he considers, etc. Then develop your own style. Whatever you do, you can’t be exhaustive, thus, still, there would be chances of failure of predictions but then, you may ensure that it can go as close as possible.

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