NumerologyHow Numerology Works?

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Numerology uses numbers to predict and analyse about your life. It basically assigns a single-digit numerical value to each and every letter, month, day, year, etc. For example, all the letters of your name can be converted into numbers, then those numbers are added and are reduced to a single-digit number, that single digit number will be used in revealing your true self.


Meaning of Numbers

In Numerology, all the numbers ranging from 1 to 9 have a different meaning that is found within its vibration. Let’s take a closer look at each number and see what each represents.

Number One (1)

People with number 1 are Creative, Energetic, Independent, and Intuitive.

Number Two (2)

2 symbolizes synergy and diplomacy. People with this number are least interested in becoming great leaders, but they are happy to work behind the scenes like a good supporter.

Number Three (3)

People with number 3 are happy-go-lucky and full of life. They are the consummate “Life of the party”. They are extremely creative and very extrovert. They love the finer things in life, and believe in spending money as quickly as they receive it.

Number Four (4)

People with number 4 are true hard worker with a practical mind focused towards their future, they are very much caring in nature who looks after those he/she cares about.

Number Five (5)

People with number 5 are daring in nature most of the times & does not allow anyone to control over them. Number fives often have trouble with commitment but they are super talented at many things but don’t have any specific specialisation. Due to this lack of commitment, people with number five can begin to feel overwhelmed, as in they start many projects but unable to finish any one.

Number Six (6)

Number 6 represents home, family, love, beauty and romance. This is why people with number six are very loving, kind, and gentle. They are affectionate and tender.

Number Seven (7)

People with number 7 are mystical, deep, analytical, wise and intuitive. They are quintessential loners who seemingly abandon society and loves to stay alone. But, they are blessed with several gifts and talents to share with the world and often makes a wonderful teacher.

Number Eight (8)

Eight number is considered to be one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. People with number eight are born for success, achievement, and leadership. They love money and no one can stop them in achieving their desired success. Majority of these people are bankers, criminal lawyers or financial controllers and normally prefer to study B.Com, C.A, Law, etc.

Number Nine (9)

9 number represents humanitarianism, tolerance, compassion, as well as both spiritual and material success. People with 9 number are blessed with charm and compassion.

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