AstrologyHow emotional are you according to your Zodiac Sign?

2nd February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

We as humans have several states of mind to cope with given or abrupt situations. Sometimes our intelligence comes to the rescue, sometimes conscience comes to the fray. But what remains omnipresent in every situation; given or abrupt is the emotion. Emotion not only makes the individual an insignia of fused feelings but also connectivity to other individuals. Every individual has a different way to emote their emotions. Sometimes they are loud, sometimes they are low in voice. But yes, we as humans express our sentiments, organically.

According to Astrology, every zodiac sign has a different emotion to express. Since every zodiac signs represent the characteristics of individuals, it becomes so spontaneous to assume the emotional state on the rationale of Zodiac Signs. (Also read about Favorite Subjects and Emotional Intelligence according to your zodiac sign)


Here we bring you the emotional behavior of all the zodiac signs.



Aries people are loud and dominating in nature. When they are upset about something, they yell at the people around them. Sometimes strong emotional outbursts compel them to behave in very unusual ways.



Taurus people do not like to come out as vulnerable. They are reluctant to showcase their fragility. So when they are emotional, they isolate themselves and try to deal with the situation alone.



Gemini people get overwhelmed, easily. A bit of sadness can turn their eyes teary. They are more fond of loneliness. They analyze things alone and then come with a proper solution.



Cancer people are extremely strong with emotion. They believe in Karma. Yes, sometimes they seek the support of their partners. When they go through a tough time, all they need a warm hug.



Leo people are known as Drama Queen. They react to sadness or any sort of disturbance in a very loud and outlandish way. They try to depict how vulnerable they are in situations.



Virgo people do not like to be assisted by anybody. When anything unpleasant happens to them, deliberate seclusion they opt to reside for some time. When they feel it is time to get out of the shell and find the solution to the problem, they initiate steadily.



Libra people try to act strong. When things go wrong in their life, they do not feel like sharing it with others. They try to pretend everything is fine. They are more fond of a fake smile. But this technique does not work for a long. Eventually, they burst into tears.



As far as maintaining the emotional turmoil, successfully is concerned, Scorpio holds the position of the pinnacle. They are very good at positively diverting their emotion. They are calm and cool.



Sagittarius people become depressed when things go wrong in their life. They are susceptible to sadness. They choose to run away from emotional paroxysm.



Capricorn people are known as an overthinker. They are always lost in their thoughts and assumptions. They are emotional but quite pessimistic. During a tough time, they tend to have negative inferences regarding the matter.



When Aquarius people are sad, they try to hide it by involving themselves in the matters of others. They want it to be a distraction for other people. But they do not know that it would hurt them more severely.



Pisces people are anxious. They can behave very weirdly when something happens in their life. Pisces do not remain calm as they are known for, usually. They are very provocative when they are upset.


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