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Vastu plays a very pivotal role in our daily life. The realm of Vastu has evolved with various studies and incredible analysis where exponents have prescribed numerous simple tricks to get rid of negativity in the house! Vastu as a study primarily focuses on the well-being of individuals with certain measures. The study has given enough space and facilities to the people to implement ideas and get beneficial results out of them.

Here predictionforsuccess brings you certain remedies to get rid of certain persistent problems in the house! Hope you appreciate our endeavor to make you aware of certain things at home.

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Remedies for students

If students at home finding difficult to handle their studies, you can implore them to offer riper banana as Bhog(prasad) to Maa Durga and distribute some of them among beggars! Rest you can have as Prasad so the difficulties in their study will be resolved very soon.


Lizards at home

Lizard is an innocuous household reptile! But in Vastu Sastra, is considered an emblem of affluence and profit. The money inflow would happen if you have lizards at home and if you see them in your dream, the future benefit of money would happen to you!

For peace settlement between couples

Differences and disturbances are part of relationships. But if persists between a couple for long, all you need to do to burn a piece of camphor(Kapoor) just before one hour the couple off to the bed. The camphor and its fragrance will eliminate all the negativity in them.


For persistent diseases

The human body is always susceptible to different diseases. But if the disease becomes persistent, all you need to do to place some SAFFRON inside a water container and store it in the room of the sick. You can change the water intermittently. This will recuperate the health condition of the patient and will bring positive energy to the house!


Positioning of Toilet and Bathroom

There should be no kitchen or bathroom to glimpse every time you enter the house! If you have the toilet by default, make sure you close the door always and have a mirror on the door. Well, in front of the kitchen you can have an idol of your specialized God(Ista deva).


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