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13th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Holi is a celebration of colors, excitement, and joyousness. The atmosphere breathes fresh gets of positivity by putting colors on the face. Resentment to remorse, all evaporate with the auspiciousness of Holi. But Do you know Holi is also an opportunity to consolidate the growth and development in your house with certain remedies? Yes, you heard it right! With a few simple initiatives, you can make sure the permanency of happiness and prosperity in your house, on the occasion of Holi.

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predictionforsuccess brings you certain prescriptions to follow on this Holi and as a result, we assure you can attain the pinnacle of success, without any interruption on the way.


• To enhance your Venus, make sure you use organic colors and flower extracts. As a result, material assistance for you would increase immensely.
• To enhance your moon, on the occasion of Holi, conserve water. Wasting of water disturbs the assistance of the moon for you.
• Refrain from having any kind of intoxication substances to please your Saturn.
• In the realm of colors, white, red, and yellow are considered powerful. Make sure you wear a white dress and play Holi with these two aforementioned colors.
• Worshipping Radha Krishna is a must on Holi. If you offer them yellow flowers, the eternal bliss will remain in your house forever.
• Write your name in front of your house entrance with colours and flowers.
Ganesha, the God of prudence, if you worship them with kheer prepared by adding dry fruits, you would get good results.
• Play Holi in Pink color to get Vastu assistance.
• On the occasion of Holi, Chandra should be worshipped with milk and white colour flowers.
• Chant this mantra 1008 times on Holi to get rid of hazardous diseases.
“oṃ namo bhagavate rudrāya mṛtārka madhye saṃsthitāya mama śarīraṃ amṛtaṃ kuru kuru svāhā”
• Prepare beautiful Rangolis at the doorstep to entice positivity to the home.
• Offer new and raw wheat sticks (Genhu ki Baali) in Holika Dahan. It is deemed favorable and signifies giving rise to good luck and prosperity.
• Always offer first colours to your favorite worshipped God.
• Have a silver coin in the color powder or Gulal. It boosts prosperity and money in the house.

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