FestivalsHoli 2021: Everything You Need To Know

10th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Holi is one of the extraordinary colorful occasions in India that everyone celebrates irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, and gender. The celebration of color takes place all over the country and unites every soul in the pact of happiness and love. Even though Holi, primarily a religious celebration of Hindus, but the essence of colors and sweetness of harmony touch the hearts from lad to old.


The celebration in Hindu mythology has its importance because of the stories behind it.

Story Behind – Hindu mythology depicts different stories regarding Holi.

1. The first instance that has gathered more validation is the “Holika Vadh”. Holika was a powerful demon and also the sister of Hiranya Kashyap. When Bhakt Prahlad became adamant to stop the recitation of the name of Lord Vishnu, Hiranya Kashyap had ordered his sister Holika to sit on the fire, having Prahlad on her lap. Holika got this blessing from Brahma that she won’t get burned in the fire ever. When Holika positioned on the fire with Prahlad in her lap, astonishingly, Prahlad remained unharmed but Holika died in that fire. From that day, to remember the destruction of the devil for the sake of purity and goodness, people celebrate Holi(in the name of Holika).

2. People also believe that this was a celebration in Gopapura– The native of Sri Krishna. Krishna in the month of Phalguna used to play colors with his Sakhi and Gopi. This commemorates the essence of pure love and affection.


Holi 2021: Important Date and Time

Holika Dahan- 28th March 2021

Holi (Dhuleti)- 29th March 2021

Purnima Tithi Begins- 3:26 AM – 28 March 2021

Purnima Tithi Ends- 12:17 AM – 29 March 2021

Holika Dahan Muhurta – 06:54 PM to 09:14 PM


Rituals associated with Holi

The place people opt to observe the pooja should be rinsed in cow dung and holy water of Ganga. Then a large wooden pole is placed at the center of the place, accompanied by small and medium pieces of wood around it. Devotees make a small Holika idol with Prahlad to place on the pole. Then they decorate the place with cow dung cakes, unused homely stuff, and all. Then they ignite a fire in it and celebrate it as Holika Dahan.


Pooja Samagri for Holi
  • One bowl of water, beads made of cow dung cakes.
  • Roli, Rice is not broken.
  • Fragrances like Agarbatti and Dhoop
  • Flowers, raw cotton string, turmeric pieces, unbroken lentil of Moong.
  • Natasha, Gulal powder, and coconut
  • Fully grown grains of freshly cultivated crops.


Significance of Holi 2021
  • The puja empowers you to win over all the odds in your life.
  • Celebration of Holi brings a positive atmosphere around
  • Bath after Holi considered the bath of crookery and sin.
  • Holi equally signifies the burning of evil power and establishing peace.
  • On this day people give bhog to cows and Buffalo.
  • They offer delicious bhog, especially raw mangoes to Krishna and seek his blessing.

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