AstrologyWhich game of thrones character are you based on your zodiac sign?

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Game of Thrones, an HBO series tells us a story of a medieval country’s civil war where each and every character battles to claim the “Iron throne” the seat of the seven kingdoms. Below we are showcasing some surprising traits of your favorite characters with the help of our expert astrologer  Shweta Bhardwaj.


Daenerys leads with the energy and eccentricity of an Aries. She never fails to adapt to the energies around her, and have a deep need of some alone time to restore her power. Daenerys exerts her Aries intellectuality with three dragons at her side. With the power of an Aries, to look at the world as a place full of possibilities, would lead her enemies to bow down.



Never failing to maintain stability and reliability. Lady Catelyn staring the power of Taurus having control, dignity, and grace under pressure. She is a strategist that comes up with phenomenal plans to keep up to her commitments. She is determined as she always has her mission in mind in contrast to her sensuality matching to as that of a Taurus.



With no doubt, Sansa represents two different personalities in one. Her Gemini stars make her camouflage with the situation; fooling others and making others believe that she is on their side. She is extremely curious and dynamic that has helped her during her several imprisonments, while her quick-wittedness led her to become a leader.



Adhering to cancer’s nature of being very emotional, sensitive about the matters of the family, Cersei would do anything for her children or the Lannister name by putting her whole lot of strength. Like cancer, she would never fail to ensure the safety of her loved ones and going an extra inch to protect it, even if it calls for setting the entire cities on fire.



Possessing the capabilities of a Leo, no one can deny Tyrion’s ability to maintain her “king of the jungle” status, by commanding. He has many friends because Leo is self-confident, attractive, and charming. His humorous instinct can make any atrocious situation frivolous. His loyalty added to intelligence makes his ambition reach out to him.



Just like a Virgo, who is often misunderstood, Brienne of Tarth is often criticized for being a knight and her abilities to fight. She has always carried a Virgo’s heart which is loyal and uplifted with values of righteousness. She stands by her commitments and sane intentions. She pays attention to the smallest details and amazes everyone with her logic.



Known for Libra’s charm, symmetricity, and beauty, Margaery strictly follows the traits, making her noticeable to everyone. Margaery is in constant chase of justice and equality; beneath which lays her desire to achieve and become the queen. Her aim is not common in Westerns as it buds from a genuine place. She proves to be the most scrupulous rulers and proves it like that of a Libra.



Scorpio lives to experience; and will never forgive and never forget. Arya stark, being a Scorpio will sooner or later devise plans to take revenge, from those who try to bring harm to her family. She never fears to take the deepest dive into the challenges of agony for her loved ones. Arya stark proves her mettle by being capable enough to defeat her enemies, by being as poisonous as a Scorpio’s sting.



Jaime carries the open mind of a Sagittarius, stuffed with philosophical views that motivate him to wander around, and not be tied to the traditional ideas even if it dismays people around him. He believes in himself and never steps back to follow his gut. There is always an undeniable wild trace in him that has the ability to transform thoughts into concrete actions.


Jon Snow is the true representative of the Capricorns by his ability to lead the way, manage people, and make realistic plans. No doubt in saying, Jon has a heart of gold with the loyalty that tops it all. He proves the Capricorn’s ability to get to the top solely based on his experience and therefore Jon has managed from being an unnoticeable member of the night’s watch to a head of a wide-ranging army.



Having a vision that only an Aquarius can possess, Melisandre is able to see on both sides, without prejudice that sometimes it gets difficult to analyze her actions. No one can match her conviction and This is so true that her actions may be difficult for most of us to understand. Her vision of judgment is so amazing that only an Aquarius person would have. Her loyalty to the lord of light is very deep that no one’s judgment can interfere with her conviction. Moreover, she has greatness in mind for all the Westeros.



Bran, truly justifies the Piscean trait, embodying all the wisdom and emotional capacity. He can go beyond his earthy body and receive messages from all the realms beyond by being able to receive visions all this life. And only now he is able to comprehend the extent of his time-bending powers.

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