FestivalsWhy Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi 2020 Is So Auspicious?

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“ब्रह्मेन्द्ररुदाग्नि कुबेर सूर्यसोमादिभिर्वन्दित वंदनीय,
बुध्यस्य देवेश जगन्निवास मंत्र प्रभावेण सुखेन देव।”

Prabodhini Ekadashi falls in the Kartik month, celebrated on the 11th lunar day of the Shukla Paksha. The day is also known as Hari-Prabodhini, Dev-Prabodhini, Uttana, Devuthhan, Dev Uthav, or Dev Oothi Ekadashi. It also marks the beginning of Bhishma Panchak and the end of the Chauturmas period.

The Prabodhini Ekadashi is observed between the five days celebration of Kartik Purnima, That also includes Bhisma Panchak, Vaikunth Chaturdashi, and Dev Diwali.


When is Hari Prabodhini/ Devuthhana Ekadashi in 2020?

Date – 25th November 2020 ( Wednesday)

Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi Parna Time – 13:11 to 15:18 (26th November 2020)


What is The Legends Associated With Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi?

Though several legends revolve around this day, the most common is of Lord Vishnu and his irregular sleeping patterns. Once Lord Vishnu was sleeping and other Devas came to ask for his help. Since he was sleeping, the demons used to take advantage of it and this time they stole the Vedas and we’re causing havoc in the whole world. When Lord Vishnu woke up the devas told him what had happened. Seeing this Vishnu went to earth and brought the Vedas back and promised he would sleep only for 4 months.

During this time, the devotees who serve Lord Vishnu dedicatedly and vigorously while organizing the festivities of his sleeping and awakening, he will reside in their homes with Goddess Laxmi.


What Is The Significance Of Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi?

This Ekadashi marks the time Lord Vishnu is awake and is considered auspicious.  It is believed if we worship him on this day we will be blessed with more wisdom, peace and be freed for the cycle of birth and death.  Devotees also believe that worshiping the lord will help them live a happy life and not suffer the consequences of hell. Our sins and wrongdoings are washed off if we worship the Lord with a pure heart and full devotion.

This period is also considered auspicious among Hindus as it marks the ending of the Chautumas period and the beginning of the marriage season. That is why we can see a lot of marriages taking place during this time.

In several parts of India, it also marks the beginning of the harvest festival. Farmers worship sugarcane by cutting it and performing aarti and eventually distributing it among others as Prashad.


Mantra and Chant For Hari Devutthana Ekadashi

उदितष्ठोतिष्ठ गोविन्द त्यज निद्रां जगत्पते,
त्वयि सुप्ते जगन्नाथ जगत्सुप्तं भवेदिदम्‌।
उत्थिते चेष्टते सर्वमुत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ माधव॥


What Are The Rituals And Remedies For Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi?

The rituals of Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi is the same as other Ekadashi, refer to our other articles where we have discussed Ekadashi fasting rules & rituals in detail.

We are covering some rituals and remedies for you again.

Several rituals regarding this day are

  • People wake up early and bathe in holy water. Then observe a fast throughout the day.
  • The most common ritual of Tulsi Vivah is also performed on this day, where Tulsi is married to Lord Shaligram at an auspicious time.
  • The house is kept clean and unbroken lamps are light at night in front of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi’sidols.
  • Sandalwood, flowers, fruit, and dhoop are offered to the lord.
  • We can visit temples or even worship the Lord in our house.
  • After completion of the puja donating clothes, grains, pitchers filled with water, and other Prashad are done to please the Lord and are considered to be promising.

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