OthersHard Work Aand Miracles – Are They Complimentary

4th September 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Hard work is the key to success. Success is guaranteed if you do hard work and miracles also happen with those who are hardworking. Someone who is not talented can beat the talent if he works hard, hard work can beat the talent. If we will not work hard and just keep on sitting then god will also not do anything for us because God helps those who help themselves. Hard work is the prerequisite of success. Hard work comes from success and prayers are like your boost if you pray daily, one day God will surely see you and give you the fruit of your hard work and prayers.

Luck is something that is not in our hands but hard work is something that can bring luck in the form of unexpected benefits. Under such circumstances, hard work can make us feel lucky. Sometimes, luck can advance us much further than hard work ever could. However, if we do not work hard, we might not be able to take full advantage of our luck.

We should also feel lucky that we can work hard, too. Luck can make us feel that there is a divine power regarding us. Such feelings or thoughts should be taken as positive suggestions to work hard. We get opportunities because of luck. We work hard to convert those opportunities into realities. Hard work can give us more of a sense of personal satisfaction. On other hand, luck feels more like an unexpected gift. Thus, both are important in life and if you think that you are not fortunate, then you should work hard and you will surely achieve your goals. There are three types of people the first one is the one who believes in luck, the second one is the one who believes in hard work and the third one is the one who believes in both hard work and luck. The third category of people surely gets the best of what they want. Yes, hard work and miracles are complimentary.

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