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13th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

If ever a light has never been hindered by a hindrance; no matter how formidable it appears is truth. Truth tends to be transparent, truth steps to shimmer. In this gigantic cosmos, if anything has been eternal is truth. But the question emerges to shock, we as humans of ethics and morality, how much we treasure the truth. Do we embrace the nudity of truth or try to cover it with a veneer of fabrication?! Yes, we do the later one, and unfortunately, we are proud of it.

We often speak boastfully to promote and cherish the truth around us. We teach our children to speak the truth, we adulate Gandhi for being the hierophant of truth. But when the time arrives to walk the path with truth, we refrain ourselves like Frankenstein’s hunger awaiting to engulf us. It won’t be wrong to conclude that in the 21st Century, truth is just a fancy word in the dictionary, nothing else.

But somehow humanity knows the essence of truth and as a result, a new creature has come into existence. This is neither truth nor a lie, perhaps a half-truth. In the contemporary world, people call it “Distortion” or more accurately “Grapevine”, but whatever nomenclature you baptize it, this is the most dangerous thing to deal with. People know the repercussions of speaking the truth, equally, they know a lie can’t be the yacht to survive them in the ocean of reality. So as a midway, a curious conglomeration they have brought to the world is a half-truth.

The half-truth never tends to harm anyone physically but tames every possibility of truth. The introduction of half-truth can be traced in Mahabharata when Dharmraj Yudhistir confronted Guru Dronacharya about the demise of his son Ashwathamma, he didn’t speak the actual truth in front of him. The famous line “ Ashwathamma hatah narova Kunjarova” of Yudhistir was a “Tricky truth” to collapse Dronacharya right there. Taking the opportunity, Dhrustadyumna killed him there to give some relief to Pandavas.

So a half-truth doesn’t kill the human at once, it decides the destiny of the entire humanity. We don’t realize the midway called half-truth is not a midway but a trap of death that looks auriferous.

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