AstrologyGrahan Dosha : Myths and Remedies

3rd February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The concept of Dosha in the realm of astrology is a cynosure one. Several Doshas have been accentuated in the study of astrology and similarly, remedies to them. Dosha, as we have discussed in every predictionforsuccess article, is an outcome of the movements of the planets in a Horoscope. These Doshas tend to cause both positive and negative results to the concerned individual. Well, astrology as a study does not disappoint people who go through awful and unpleasant Doshas. It has fruitful remedies to circumvent those Doshas and their repercussions.

Grahan Dosha is one of the common Dosha found in Kundli. (Also read about Karthik Dosha, Chandal Dosha, Pitri Dosha & Mangal Dosha).

Grahan Dosha comes into existence when you are born with the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu. It is also believed that the dosha happens when you are born in a Solar or Lunar eclipse.


Consequences of Grahan Dosha
  • Though you will get monetary achievement, prosperity will not stick with you. It will slip away from you in any way.
  • Due to Grahan Dosha, natives can’t decide on the right profession or career.
  • You can’t accomplish any accomplishment at your work.
  • Everything moves out of your custody, like worries, discomfort, enthusiasm, and concerns.
  • There will be no peace in the Native’s house or company where he lives or works and he always feels negative vibes.
  • The attacking and adamant nature of that native will make your life difficult.
  • You see and feel like a rival in every person and complicated relationships.
  • The native will be with the fluctuating mind.


General Remedies For Grahan Dosha
  • The best treatment for Grahan Doshais is to conduct Dosh Nivaran Puja on the Chandra Grahan Day
    (Lunar Eclipse) or Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) Day.
  • It is better to perform this Puja in Trimbakeshwar Nashik.
  • Besides, you can also do some solutions for the growth of life and career.
  • Solutions for Surya Grahan Dosha
  • Give water to the Sun every morning.
  • Donate some red cloth to girls.
  • Avoid eating salt on Sundays.
  • Croon Aditya Hridaya Stotra & Maha Mrityunjay Mantra; every day in the morning.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman regularly.
  • On 5 Sundays, and 5 Amavasya days, offer wheat grain and whole coconut in-to the streaming water in the morning before 10 am.


Remedy from Chandra Grahan Dosha
  • Provide white cloth to little girls & offer kheer to girls.
  • Donate white food items on Mondays.
  • Croon Gayatri Mantra and Maha-Mrityunjay Mantra 108 times daily.
  • Keep a fast on full moon days.
  • Seek the blessing of Lord Shiva and offer water to Shivling every Monday.

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