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The five day festival of Diwali observes Govardhan pooja on the fourth day. In some parts of India, it is also called Annakoot Pooja. The word Govardhan has different meanings, where ‘Go’ means cow and ‘Vardhan’ means ‘nourishment’, that is why we worship the cow on this day. Apart from this ‘Go’ also means ‘senses’ and ‘Vardhan’ means ‘to increase’, thus signifying the reason behind the worship of Lord Krishna on this day.
This day is celebrated as gratitude towards Lord Krishna. The legend that Bhagvat Purana talks about is of Lord Krishna and how he saved the villager from a storm.
In the village of Braj, the place where most of Krishna’s childhood was spent. People used to worship Lord Indra to bless them with rain and offered him lots of food. But Krishna advised the villagers not to do so and rather worship the Govardhan mountain since it offered them lots of resources. The villagers started doing so, seeing this Lord Indra got furious and it started raining. The rains continued for several days. So to save all the villagers from the anger of LordIndra, Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger. Eventually, the rains stopped and peace was restored.
That is why on this day we worship Lord Krishna for his strength and to increase our senses. People also visit the Govardhan mountain on this day and offer food to the Lord and worship mother nature, this is also known as Annakut pooja. Some craftsmen also celebrate this day as a day to worship their tools and machinery, also known as Vishvakarma puja.

People also celebrate the day at their houses by performing various rituals.
• Devotees wake up in the morning to create a small idol of the mountain by using cow dung.
• The heap of cow dung is then decorated with flowers and kumkum. And then a flute, crown, and tilak are put on the mountain to give it a look of lord Krishna.
• Lamps are lighted and 2 sticks of sugarcane along with a bowl of curd, unboiled milk, and sweets are offered to the lord. Roli and rice grains are also used as an offering.
• Then the devotees are supposed to perform ‘Parikrama’ around the mountain and eventually end the pooja with chanting of mantras.

Govardhan Puja 2020: Date and Puja Mahurat

Govardhan Puja Date- 15th November 2020 (Saturday)
Sayankal Mahurat- 3:18 PM- 5:27 PM
Pratipad Tithi Starts- 10:36 AM (15th November)
Pratipad Tithi Ends- 7:06 AM (16th November)

The day is believed to be auspicious as worshiping Lord Krishna on this day brings happiness and positivity to your house. In villages, people also worship their cattle as a way to show love to them as they are their only wealth.
Vastu also holds an important place on this day.

To maintain peace and calm in our house we should try to do the following things on this day
• All work-related to trade or education or business should be stopped on this day.
• But something new for your house, it could be anything, either something for decoration or just a showpiece.
• Show love and affection to your family and avoid shouting and creating a stressful environment on this day.

• Visit loved ones and share your experiences, it will bring harmony amongst your friends.

Hope you found this information useful.
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