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5th November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Gopastami? In my opinion, all I can think of is a cow and something related to it.

Gopastmi is a Hindu festival dedicated to Cows and Lord Krishna. Since the word, ‘Astmi‘ means ‘Eighth’, the day is celebrated on the eighth lunar day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik.


When Is Gopashtmi 2020?

 Date- 22nd November 2020

Ashtmi Tithi Starts – 21:45 PM (21st November 2020)

Ashtmi Tithi Ends – 22:50 PM (22nd November 2020)


Story Of Gopastami

The day is has been significant among Hindus. It is believed that when Lord Krishna was a kid he used to take care of claves and everyone used to call him ‘Batsapal’. After he grew up his father Nanda Maharaj thought of finally giving Krishna and Balrama the duty of taking care of cows. This ceremony took place on the eighth day of lunar night and thus made it significant throughout history. Also, Lord Krishna started to be known as ‘Gopala‘ since that day, i.e. the caretaker of the cows.

Cows are also related to Radha on this day. The legends also say that when the ceremony of Gopashtmi was taking place Radha also wanted to go to the ceremony but since she was a girl Krishna refused her to come, so she dressed up as a boy and went anyway. Radha is considered the symbol of energy in a relationship and a healer of love, similarly, the Cow is a symbol of the life energy giver among Hindus.


Significance Of Gopastami

 Apart from the legend cows are considered auspicious animals among the Hindus. Worshipping the cow is believed to be a good omen. ‘Gau Mata’ the mother of this earth is the source of so many things and the provider of life. We receive five different elements from her and even her milk provides us with so many nutrients. The cow is also considered to be the symbol of loving, caring, nurturing, purity, and a motherly figure.

The cow is believed to be the home of 33 Gods and Goddesses and worshiping her will remove all the calamities from our lives. According to Hindu mythology, the cow is the owner of spiritual and divine qualities and a form of Goddess on earth. Hindu beliefs also state that worshipping the cow on this day will bring happiness and good fortune into their lives.


Rituals of Gopashtami

 The rituals that are done on this day are –

  • Devotees wake up early and take a bath, then go to the Goshala, or if they own a cow they bathe it.
  • Then the Gau Mata is decorated with mehndi, turmeric, and colored raids.
  • Then the cow along with a calf is worshiped.
  • The cow is offered rice, jaggery, clothes, water, fodder, sweets, incense sticks, and peas.
  • At various places, specific puja related to Gopastmi is also performed by priests.
  • Some people also worship Lord Krishna along with the cow on this day.

This was some basic information related to Gopastmi. Hope you found it useful.

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