AstrologyGajakesari Yoga: Significance

7th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Dosha and Yoga have been an inseparable part of the study of astrology. The vicinity of astrology classifies several Dosha and Yoga in the categories of Positive and Negative but most of the time, we conclude this yoga negatively.

In the realm of astrology and as well as Hindu mythology, the revelation of Gajakesari you are quite often. Many Sovereigns in history and political leaders of the contemporary time are labeled as having the “Gajakesari Yoga” for their unprecedented success. The Gajakesari Yoga comes into existence when the planet moon remains in Kendra(Centre) from Jupiter and vice-versa.
If we decipher the meaning of the word “Gajakesari”, it is an assortment of two different words “Gaja”, which means the elephant, and “Keshari”, meaning the lion. The two powerful animals of the jungle are known for the mighty power and valiancy. People believe that one who is born in Gajakesari Yoga has got nothing to do to acquire success. But this is just a myth. Yes, people born with this yoga, also come in contact with the yog because of the movement of planets. But it takes labor, dedication, and perseverance to be at the pinnacle of success.


How does Gajakesari Yoga come into existence?

When Jupiter is in the Kendra Bhava or House (first house, fourth house, seventh house, or tenth house) from the Moon and is aspected by favorable planets, then the Gajakesari Yoga is shaped. For the arrangement of a productive and powerful Gajakesari Yoga, none of the planets, i.e. Jupiter and Moon must be in a combustor weakened state or placed in a malefic sign, because if something like this happens, then this Yoga won’t deliver beneficial consequences even after being present in your Kundli.

Apart from this, the Gajakesari Yoga shaped in the eighth house, twelfth house and the sixth house of your Kundli often provide shaky impacts. It is crucial to remark here for Gaj Kesari Yoga to shape Jupiter, demands to be in the Kendra(center) from the Moon and aspected by useful planets. Therefore, planetary circumstances and arrangements play a significant part in its composition.

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