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5th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

It won’t be wrong if I conclude a majority of people on this gigantic planet are hodophile. People love to travel to different places, want to observe the scenic beauty surrounded by them, and seek to know the historical values of those places. But yes, there are different choices people make as far as traveling is concerned. Some people love mountain areas to visit, some are fond of the cerulean sea.


So What should be your favorite place to visit according to your Zodiac Sign?

Here we bring you the places people love to visit according to their respective Zodiac Signs.(also read about how emotional are you according to your zodiac sign.)



Aries people are extremely enthusiastic and fun-oriented. They never let the frolic kid die inside them. They love to observe different places on their visit. If we talk about national destinations, Aries people are more fond of North-East India. States like Assam, Manipur, Mizoram love to travel. Well, their international destination includes Greece, South America, and Europe.



Taurus people are green panthers and lovers of the seashore. They are more fond of the beach and sunshine. In India, they love to travel to places like Goa and Kerala, since these two states have eye-catching sea views to witness. On international trips, Taurus people love to go to Italy.



Gemini people are extremely sociable. They love to travel a lot. Gemini people are always dreaming of visiting the state of stars; America. But in India, they are fond of the city of dreams- Mumbai. In International destinations, they love places like New York, Singapore, and Jerusalem.



Cancer people are a bit homesick. They love to spend time at home. The only thing they like is sunshine. Yes, they are fond of swimming and scuba diving. In India, Andaman is their favorite place while abroad, they like Italy and Europe.



Leo people are royal. They always wish to have a luxurious life. They love spending time at exotic places. Places like Bali, Buenos Aires are their favorite. In India, they love to travel to places like Udaipur and Jaipur. Abroad, they like Hong Kong.



Virgo people are peaceful. They love to observe nature. In India, Virgo people love to visit places like Mumbai and Rajasthan. Well, outside of India, the South Asia region and Malaysia are their favorite places.



Libra people don’t like traveling much. But in selective times, they would opt for Istanbul, Turkey to visit. In India, they love to go to Kanyakumari. Paris and South Asia they like to visit


Scorpio people are extremely passionate about traveling. They are green panthers. In India, they love to visit Rajasthan, Udaipur. On a trip abroad, they would love to plan for Los Angeles, Iceland, and Johannesburg.



Sagittarius people are inquisitive. They love to explore things around them. In India, they are fond of Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh.
Outside of India, they like New Zealand and South America.



Capricorn people love to travel and party with friends. They love to visit extravagant places where they can enjoy themselves together. In India, they prefer to travel to Varanasi and Agra. In International spots, they would opt for Spain, Europe, and Taiwan.



In India, Aquarius people love to visit places like Srinagar and Kerala. Their calm and composed nature is perfectly suitable to such soothing places. Well, outside they would go for Detroit and Kyrgyzstan.



Pisces people are dreamy and compassionate. They love to visit places like Lakshadweep. On an abroad trip, they would love to go to Peru and Tibet.

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