We can be contacted for any kind of predictions and questions regarding Vaastu Shasta, personal life, marriage & love life, job & business related issues, education, matchmaking, compatibility calculations, legal problems, family bonding or anything which is making your life tensed. We are also very open for the opportunities as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaking, Daily Horoscope Prediction, Career Mentoring and expert panel on social reforms.


Science says everything is made from stars; I say believe in Science.

Astrology, Numerology and Vastu is not just for the people who believe in stars and occult but for those who believe in energy and how it reflects in every particle of this green planet.


We came from a technical background (Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in Technology) and we believe and suggest the things that we see logic behind (you can actually ask it during consultation).


Relationship counselling is a one-to-one session of the expert with the couple. With our years of experience in counselling thousands of couples, we delicately solve the biggest of the issues between partners but again, there is way only when there is a will (even though it is minimal and very slightly visible). Talk to us to feel the difference.


Well, we always believed that there is so much science and logic in our Vedas and Vedic literature, and we just need to patiently decode it for the current generation. And hence we took this journey to re-engineer the spirituality for us, for this next-gen.


Yes, We both are certified experts.

Shweta has done numerology certification from All India Institute of Occult Science and astrology certification from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. She has also attended and participated in numerous national & international seminars of occult science.

Vishal is a certified Vastu Shashtra and Numerology Expert from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. He is also an author and a former Data Scientist.


We never want to restrict duration of consultation nor number of questions. Usually, each consultation takes 30-45 minutes.


You can reach back to us within 10 days from the day of consultation regarding any question that you have missed or any query in remedies.


We do not provide any report except in the case of name suggestion, name correction and hand-written report sold separately. 


Yes, we do provide remedies for betterment. Our all remedies are very easy to follow and not specific to any religion (based on humanity and energy chakra). We give remedies on the basis of astrology, numerology and vastu (feng-shui) that neither requires efforts nor you need to spend any large amount. 


In online Vastu consultation, we will require floor plan of the house (you can simply draw it on paper with directions mentioned- feel free to ask for a sample drawing). This floor plan will be first corrected and then discussed to you over the call and easy corrections on the doshas (errors) will be given to you.

We believe that a couple of small changes can do wonders and hence our Vastu remedies don’t need construction/deconstruction at the premise.


Yes, that can be arranged. The fee for personal visitation will be different. Please contact us for more information.


No, We do not suggest any gemstones as we think you are much powerful than any gemstone. Rest, we are still researching about the science behind stone power and will keep updating our experience at our blog and social media.

Go to Service/ Products section, click the appropriate option, provide the required information in the form and pay the fee (we accept different payment modes).

You will receive notification on your Email id regarding the day and time of consultation. Once we receive the fee, Although, we try to do it ASAP, we require 5-7 working days to study a chart as we are mostly occupied and we never want to compromise on the time we give to each chart. We hope you will agree with this.