What kind of services do you provide?

I do online consultation on different aspects of life that includes but not limited to career, married life, foreign settlement, health and so on. My predictions are based on Vedic and Western astrology, I also combine Pythagorean numerology.

Is astrology and numerology helpful for only those who believe in occult science?

Science say everything is made from stars; I say believe in Science. Astrology and Numerology is not just for the people who believe in stars and occult but for those who believe in energy and how it reflects in every particle of this green planet.

What makes you different from other occult science professionals?

I came from a technical background (Masters in Computer Science) and I believe and suggest the things that I see logic behind. Icing on the cake, I combine both astrology and numerology for precise prediction.

What make you switch your career from engineer to occult professional.

Well, occult science is always inside me. Read the full story here.

Do you have hold any institutional qualifications in astrology and numerology?

Yes, I have done numerology certification from All India Institute of Occult Science and astrology certification from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. I have also attended and participated in numerous national & international seminars of occult science.

What is the time duration for each consultation?

I never want to restrict duration of consultation nor number of questions. Usually, each consultation takes 30-45 minutes.

What is the validity of each consultation?

You can reach back to me within 10 days from the day of consultation regarding any question that you have missed or any query in remedies.

Do you provide any reports?

I do not provide any report except in the case of name suggestion, name correction and products mentioned in the Product section.

Do you provide remedies for betterment? Are these religion-specific?

Yes, I do provide remedies for betterment. My all remedies are very easy to follow and not specific to any religion (based on humanity and energy chakra). I give remedies on the basis of both astrology and numerology that neither requires efforts nor you need to spend any money.

Do you suggest gemstones?

No, I do not suggest any gemstones as I think you are much powerful than any gemstone. Rest, I am still researching about the science behind stone power and will keep updating my experience at my blog .

What is the procedure to book a consultation? And how much time I have to wait once I book the consultation?

Go to Service/ Products section, click the appropriate option, provide the required information in the form and pay the fee (we accept different payment modes). You will receive notification on your Email id regarding the day and time of consultation. Once I receive the fee, Although, I try to do it ASAP, I require 12-15 days to study a chart as I am mostly occupied and I never want to compromise on the time I give to each chart. I hope you will agree with this.