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20th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In a country of thousands of folklores and gospels, we have embraced conceptions marinated in myth and have made them conventions of our daily life. We consider things as powerful to influence our success and we conclude happenings as ominous. But in the era of technology and science, we need to know myths are just an amalgamation of certain truth and ample of falsehood.

Now it is high time to debunk the myth and let everyone know what truth lies behind.


Crows and eagles are a bad omen


picture of birds

The belief that birds are anywhere associated with our luck is imaginary.

Crows have been associated with witches and tales but considering them a bad omen is stupid. A crow is actually a cunning bird that has good instincts. It can easily know the intentions of a person.

An eagle has been associated with many tales as the harbinger of death. But in reality, eagles are often considered associated with Lord Vishnu.

Thus this myth is entirely based on fiction and tales of the olden times.



Girls are not allowed on Shamshan ghats


A mortage

It is a common belief that girls are not allowed to perform the last rites on the cremation ground (Shamshan ghat).

When the body is burnt the corpse sometimes jerks up and needs to be beaten back into the pyre using bamboo sticks. The smoke that is produced is also foul. All these things made it horrid to watch a funeral.

During the olden times, it was believed that women were weak and won’t be able to watch the funeral so they should stay at home.

But now things have changed and even girls can visit the Shamshan ghats.



Breaking of glass means fight


broken glass and pieces


People often believe that breaking glass is a bad omen but in reality, there is no such proof to this theory.

The breaking of glass has many superstitions attached to it. Different cultures believe in different things. Like the Jewish consider it luck and prosperity while some think of it as the end of a relationship.

This belief might have surfaced because over time glass has been used as a symbol of many things in life. But now with the progress of time, we have to be practical about it.

The only thing that is bad about breaking glass is how expensive it will be to replace it and cleaning the mess will be a hard job.



Always eat something sweet before leaving the house


bowl and spoon


Eating something sweet before leaving the house will not bring any kind of good luck.

This belief was quite popular in olden times because a lot of people used to live in rural areas and transportation was not good. So people used to eat something sweet before leaving the house so that they felt more energetic.

Also, sugar helps us to concentrate better and prevent weakness and dizziness. Though consuming more sugar can also lead to a drop in our blood sugar levels.

So eating something sweet before leaving the house is no longer necessary.



Sweeping the floor in the evening is inauspicious


a broom


You might have often been scolded by your elder if you ever cleaned the house in the evening, but in reality, this belief is no longer needed.

In the older times, people used to do their chores in the evening but since there was no electricity they used to clean the house by lighting a kerosene lamp. Due to the dim lighting, people used to sweep some valuable things without even realizing it. And as a result, this myth became popular.

But now the times have changed. We have electricity at all hours so we can clean the house whenever we want.


Goddess Kali is associated with evil spirits


A Hindu Godess in angry avatar


Goddess Kali is often known as the Goddess of death or the darker mother.

According to Hindu mythology, Kali is the destroyer of evil forces. She is the most powerful form of Shakti.

Goddess Kali was often worshipped by tantric to ward off evil and as a result, people started believing she is associated with evil spirits too. But if we try to understand the significance of Ma Kali then we will see that she represents power and strength that every person should have to fight off evil.

She teaches us an important lesson that we should face danger without any fear and stand up against the evils of this world with strength.


The number 3 and 13 are unlucky numbers


Number 3 and 13


People have often feared numbers 3 and 13 over the years.

In reality, there is no such proof of this belief that these numbers are unlucky. In numerology, the number 3 has an important place and is also called the angelic number. Whereas the number 13 is related to the test of time.

Over the years some unfortunate events occurred on the 13th day of the month and as a result, people started believing that the number is unlucky. We, humans, have this tendency to believe in things if we see some pattern.

So this belief started to surface and now people avoid these numbers by not gifting three items or even living on the 13th floor.

With the change in time, we should understand that these beliefs are baseless and try to see things as they are.



Sneezing before going out means you will have a bad day


a woman sneezing

Sneezing is our body’s reaction to irritants in our nasal cavity. So our body reacts to it by forceful explosive expulsion of air through our nose and mouth.

In earlier times when it was hard for people to go to doctors, sneezing before leaving the house induced fear in the person who was leaving, getting sick, or was vulnerable to catching a cold. But over the years people started believing these things related to sneezing as a bad omen.

Sneezing before leaving the house is not a sign of good or bad luck, it is just a reaction of our body to some dust particles or an indication of an allergy. So it’s time that we change our perspective.


 Mythological and nature-inspired pictures can be placed anywhere in the house


A hindu warrior

The general rule of Vastu says that any image that depicts violence, disaster, or cruelty should be avoided.
Similarly, in the case of Mythological pictures, images of war from the epic such as in Mahabharata where Arjun is getting ready for the war by drawing an arrow is not advisable.
Also, pictures of volcanoes, tsunamis, or a shipwreck must be avoided as it might bring negativity.



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