AstrologyExamination Tips- A zodiac representation(Leo-Scorpio)

8th August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Ever since the human race has realized its worth in this gigantic world, the journey has been full of tests and trials for it. Perhaps nothing human gets on this surviving planet without sitting in a test or testing its limits. Test or examination is part of our life. Whether you bifurcate it based on practicality or academic, tests are inevitable. You have to get tested for a goal and the prerequisite says to get prepared with sheer perseverance and dedication.

Now in human terrestrial living, the aspect of Zodiacs plays a significant part. Every zodiac as an identity to individuals play crucial roles in test to determine the future of the individual. Sometimes, the individual is subjected to failure despite a promising preparation and sometimes he gets unduly achievements without a stringent effort. Now, this is the chequerboard of destiny. To resolve the mystery, astrology suggests certain simple steps to overcome the test. Here top astrologer of India  Shweta Bhardwaj brings you the zodiacs and tips for their good performances in the examination. Hope you find the article helpful.

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Leo is known as a fighter. Leo never gives up easily. If you observe Leo, no matter how difficult the path is for them, they make sure to walk alone with audacity. But often they take wring decisions in sheer enthusiasm. All they need to have is a check on their excitement. For this reason, before the examination, they need to be thorough with the subjects in the first place. But after that, they need to do some meditation and worship Lord Vishnu for patience and power.



Virgo is a thorough zodiac. But if you see them, they are a bit sluggish. They don’t get ready for the forthcoming test. To buckle them up, you have to suggest performing Suryanamaskar regularly. This will empower their dormant zeal and they can perform extremely well in their respective examinations.



Libra is a balanced zodiac sign. They are not apathetic, also not indulged in severe preparation. But as we know, before the examination, the preparation holds a swift momentum, they need to wake up early, do some jogging, then Surya Namaskar, and then relaxation. This will help Libra to achieve its best.



Scorpio is full of zeal. But sometimes they lack interest. As a result, their performance gets affected vehemently. All you can do is suggest them performing “Trataka” and worshipping lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is the epitome of enthusiasm and zeal.

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