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14th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Lord Ganesha🕉️ is one of the most loved creations of God. He showers us with so much wisdom to learn from🙏
Even his body parts teach us various life lessons. Like his ears👂 enlightens us about the importance of listening.
Everybody just wants to talk🗣️ and no one wants to listen to the other person. But we need to understand that it is very important for us to hear another person’s point of view💭 since then only we can conclude the discussion.

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Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha🕉️ is full of wisdom. Another lesson that we learn from his small mouth👄 is that we should talk less.
By this, we need to understand that when we speak, we should always think🤔, listen, and then talk. If we do not value our own words no one else will🤷
In today’s world, everyone is in a hurry and they just talk🗣️ and make false promises just to get out of the situation. But often they end up in a disaster🥺
So we need to learn how to channelize our energy into thinking and understanding our thoughts rather than just speaking for the sake of it💆
Communication should always be done properly while putting your viewpoint and at the same considering the thoughts of the other person. If we master this art, we will be able to accomplish our goals🤗



Lord Ganesha

Even the tiny eyes👀 of the Lord Ganesha teaches the importance of concentration in our life.
In today’s world where we are easily distracted🤦 by anything around us, it is important to learn how to focus.
The focus will not only help us gain a better perspective of the activities we do but also how we deal with a particular situation🧐
We can practice 🧘‍♀️meditation or yoga🕉️ once a day so that our concentration improves.
Thus when we do a job with full concentration, the result is always bound to be good👌



Lord Ganesha

Another lesson that we can learn from Lord Ganesha and his big elephant 🐘 head is that we should think big.
When we do our work💼 or complete an assignment📝 we often just do it in a hurry without thinking much or editing the things we could have.
This work may be good but it could have been better only if we thought a little more about it🤔
Similarly in life when we want to achieve something but face failure🥺 we often quit instead of thinking about our mistakes and finding new ways to get out of them.
End of the day it is our mind and our thinking capacity that will eventually show us the way out🧐
Our minds🧠 also tell us what is right and wrong, so instead of ignoring these little instincts, we should always listen to them.
So let’s try to think more and a little out of the box so that you can shine brighter than others✨



Lord Ganesha

When someone says communication is the key🗝️, they mean that they want the other person to listen to their problems too😕
So to be a good communicator we need to learn how to be a good listener👥. As it is a significant part of communication.


Single Tusk

Lord Ganesha

In mythology Lord Ganesha has only one tusk and the other one is broken but even after that, he teaches us an important lesson with that🕉️
In today’s world, we can do anything to get what we want and are not able to differentiate between good or bad. Our decisions are based on just a mere desire🤤.
So we forget to do the right thing and end up choosing the wrong🤫
Lord Ganesha teaches us that we have to learn how to make rational choices🔎 and keep all the negative thoughts away otherwise the result will not be good.
Just like the human personality two tusks, even though one is a little broken, represent emotion and wisdom. So while making decisions we should consider both aspects of our life❤️



Lord Ganesha

Yet again lord Ganesha🕉️ even with his big belly teaches us another important lesson.
When we meet someone or see something new we make an opinion😛 without knowing who they are or what is the purpose of that thing. This way we are unable😔 to comprehend things and as a result, end up being blinded by our judgment.
So first we need to learn, how to understand🧐 the things around us and then only make an opinion on them.
Lord also teaches us that we should digest all the grief🥺 the world has to offer and see the good in things so that we can appreciate the beauty of life❣️



Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha🕉️ sits while putting his right leg over his left leg, teaching us the importance of balance in our life.
Every person has to take care of his mind as well as his work. If we focus on one of the two things then things usually turn out to be disastrous🤦
If a person just focuses on his work💼 and does not take care of his well being then sooner or later he will break down🤯, as everyone needs a break to rest their mind.
Another person who just thinks🧘‍♀️ and does nothing, thus giving more importance to his mind will again achieve nothing😔 since he is taking no action for the desired result.
Thus we need to learn how to maintain a balance⚖️ in our life both spiritually and socially.
Also, the lord teaches us that life is filled with ups and downs so we just need to focus on ourselves and our work and move forward🚶‍♂️



Lord Ganesha

The first arm of lord Ganesha which is holding an axe🪓 gives us the important lesson of letting go of our desires.
Every day we face disappointments, problems, issues, and various things that make us sad😔
But we need to understand that if we do not get attached to the outcome of the activity then we won’t be🤷 disappointed with the result at all.
The world🌎 has so much pain and suffering and if we just focus on that then it will become hard for us to live in peace.
So Lord Ganesha🕉️ teaches us that we need to get rid of those desires and not constantly focus on the pain.
And if we follow the path of doing the right thing without any expectations then we will live a happy life🌺



Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha’s favorite food🥣 was Modak. Holding a modak in his third hand and not eating it has given us an important lesson in our life📎
We do so many good👌 deeds in our lives and are rewarded. But we should remember that when we do something good it should not🙅‍♂️ be based on the result.
It is important to be detached from the result because then only we will become wise and achieve good things😌
Modak represents our rewards🎁, but since. A wise man is never attached to the result he should not eat the modak rather be happy🤭 with his work and just continue to do good for this world.
The fourth arm of Lord Ganesha🕉️ signifies his blessings which indicates that once we have, fulfilled our purpose and have been rewarded with the sweetness of life🍭, he shall always protect us from the negatives of this world and shower us with His blessings✋



Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha using the mouse🐀 represents the need to control our ego.
When we learn📚 new things and we become more knowledgeable, it makes us think that we are above others.
But this ego is just like a rat. A rat goes nibbling through small holes⚫, not because he likes it but because it’s his nature. Similarly, our ego slowly eats all our honesty and makes us proud👑 people.
If we do not control our senses, it will lead us to doom💀
Even mythology tells us examples of great scholars🧠 like Ravan who became egoistic and brought doom upon himself.
And since the size of the rat is small, it depicts our ego should also be small🤏
So we should always stay grounded and humble to all while keeping our ego small, because then only we will become a wise person💜



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