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21st October 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Vijay Dashami is commonly known as Dussehra, marks the end of Navratri. As the name suggests VijayDashami meaning ‘victory’ and ‘tenth’ it is celebrated on the tenth day.

Different cultures celebrate the day in different forms with their own set of rituals and customs.

In some parts, the victory of Lord Rama is celebrated by setting fire to the huge ideals of Ravan and his brothers, called Ravan Dahan depicting the triumph of good over evil.

Maa Durga is walked to the river by her devotees as a farewell, accompanied by music and chants. It’s an emotional moment for many worshippers.

Dussehra 2020 Date

This year Navratra will be only eight days long. Both Ashtami and Navmi are falling on the same day on 24th October.

Dussehra or Vijayadashami will be celebrated nationwide on 25th October.

The Vijay Mahurat –1:57 PM to 2:42 PM

Dashmi Tithi Begins – 7:41 AM on October 25th

Dashmi Tithi Ends- 9:00 AM on October 26th

However, in West Bengal and other Eastern states of India, Vijayadashmi shall be observed on October 26th as well.


A little tip for this, since we all know that the rising level of pollution is affecting the water quality and if this continues, soon we will face water shortage. So as an initiative instead of walking the ideals to the rivers they should be buried in grounds and since they are made of clay or mud they will eventually mix with the soil.

Apart from this Vijay Dashami is considered to be an auspicious day for Hindus. It is believed that if you invest in something new or shift to a new house on this day then it will bring good fortune and happiness.

According to Scriptures Vijay Dashami is considered to be the best day for religious functions like marriage ceremony, mundan, and other functions.

According to the best astrologers and Vastu experts in India, Vijayadashmi is the most auspicious and important day. So one should know the rituals and correct ways to achieve immense happiness, prosperity, and wealth.

Few things that we should keep in mind during this time to ensure good fortune is

  • When we buy a new article, it should be placed in front of the ideal and worshipped so that the lord offer their blessings onto the article as well.
  • The nameplate outside the house should be cleaned regularly as it keeps the negative energy away.
  • While worshipping we should use camphor as its aroma drives evil away and invites the gods.
  • Lavender oils bring mental peace to the house.
  • We should also remove any wild or aggressive animal pictures or ideals during this time as they bring conflict at home.
  • If you are shifting to a new house ensure that the house is completed, the roof should be freshly painted along with all fittings and windows done.
  • Also while shifting we should ensure the main door is decorated with an auspicious symbol like a swastika or goddess Laxmi’s feet.

This festival is celebrated as a message that good always wins over evil so we should try to remain positive since things will ultimately end up good.

For more information regarding Navratri and various other rituals pay us a visit or contact our Astro and Vastu Expert Shweta Bhardwaj.

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